ATV QuickSwitch Attachment - The Grappler

The ATV Grappler is the newest front attachment for Swisher's ATV QuickSwitch™ System. The grappler is used for brush or debris collection and transportation Swisher’s unique system is a universal-fit mounting system designed to allow you to quickly change between a wide variety of front and rear heavy-duty attachments. It attaches to the underside of virtually any ATV and runs the full length of your ATV for unparalleled strength, stability. The leaf spring design takes the weight off the front suspension, providing maneuverability and stability while carrying heavy loads. No tools are required to quickly connect and disconnect the various attachments; just pull a single pin. Attachments can be raised and lowered with a front or rear-mounted winch by simply attaching a single cable. Its bolt-together construction allows for convenient storage. The winch closes the grappler's jaws until they encounter a positive stop and then it proceeds to tilt the entire assembly upward.

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