Biodiesel Processor

Pepin Introduces a Biodiesel Processor
With a Biodiesel Processor you can make your own renewable fuel!
Pepin Bio Tech Inc, of Pepin, Wisconsin has introduced an affordable, cost effective biodiesel processor that makes it possible for consumers to make their own biodiesel. Using a Pepin Processor, fuel can be made for any diesel car, truck, tractor or boat with no vehicle modifications.
Biodiesel keeps fuel lines, injectors and other engine components clean, adding to the longevity of the vehicle. Biodiesel also has a higher lubricity effect than petroleum diesel. Biodiesel helps to reduce vehicle emissions by up to 75% and has a light cooking oil aroma. Biodiesel can be used as a pure fuel (B100 or “neat”) or mixed with petroleum diesel in any percentage.

• Biodiesel has 80% lower harmful emissions compared to petroleum disel
• Biodiesel can be mixed with home heating oil
• Biodiesel can be used in portable forced air heaters
• Biodiesel can be used in generators to create low cost, environmentally friendly electricity

For more information visit the Pepin Bio Tech website:

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