The Scoop

Check Out the Scoop!
Inventor and entrepreneur Jim Potts designed the Scoop to help him quickly move or work a little dirt using his tractor. The rear mounted bucket/blade features a deep mouth to catch and hold dirt as it's skimmed off. The idea for the attachment came as a solution to his own farming needs, but once word spread about the unique tool, he found that other producers were interested in owning their own Scoop.

Potts now builds the Scoop in 3 different sizes to fit most tractors. The choice of size allows the width of Scoop to cover the span the rear tires of the tractor, so when backing up the tires are running on even ground. The units come with a bolt-on hitch that lets the unit adapt quickly to any size tractor, or it can be outfitted with a quick hitch for even faster access.
The Scoop is made from all U.S.A. steel.

For more information, visit, to watch
a live video of the "Scoop" in action, or call Jim: 806-765-7877

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