Hitch-Feed Yards Dr. Bob Lake

Sit with Dr. Bob Lake, full-time nutritionist for Hitch Feed yards, and you have the privilege of visiting with a man who means business. Lake is a bottom-line guy. He wants to get to the pith of the problem and the essence of the visit. His keen eyes are windows to a mind that is busy collecting information … sifting, dissecting and carving until he trims out a solution to the issue at hand. It is this razor sharp mind that is a big reason Hitch Feed yard is on the cutting edge of cattle feeding. Raised in Meeker, Colorado, Lake attended Colorado State University earning his undergraduate and masters degrees in animal nutrition. He received his doctorate from the University of Nebraska in 1972. After spending six months researching the growth additive, Rumensin, Lake started to work for Hitch. Lake still has a researcher’s mind; meticulous and thorough. Co-workers respectfully call him just plain picky. Whatever you call him, the cattle at Hitch Feed yards consistently perform well under his scrupulous care. Lake began his long association at Hitch I by improving their feed calling process, expanding their rations and increasing their feed mill efficiency. Today he oversees the bunk management and cattle nutrition at all three feed yards as well as supervising Hitch’s supplement plant. Lake is also responsible annually for the painstaking storage of Hitch’s high moisture corn. “The things we do, the details we watch allow our customer’s cattle to perform at their maximum with the cheapest possible cost of gain,” says Lake. Lake and Hitch Feed yards are an excellent team, but Bob Lake will be the first to say that he’s not perfect. Still, there would be many folks in the industry who would tell you to look at Bob Lake as one guy who keeps trying. www.hitchok.com
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