Tru-Test Energizers

Tru-Test Announces New Speedrite & Stafix 6 Joule Energizers These 6 joule output (9 joule stored) energizers are both AC and DC units. Therefore, each can be operated by ELECTRICITY, BATTERY, or SOLAR energy. They can power up to 60 miles or 240 acres of fence depending on fence and farm condition. The Speedrite 6000/6000i and Stafix X6/X6i units combine state-of-the-art electronics with real-world functionality to provide farmers and ranchers with a complete assortment of features to make livestock control even easier. Both the Speedrite 6000/6000i and Stafix X6/X6i have adjustable pulse speeds and multiple battery conservation settings, including an automatic day/night sensor for greater livestock control and maximum battery life. Bright, bold indicator lights show output voltage and battery condition for quick diagnostics. The Speedrite 6000/6000i and Stafix X6/X6i have Cyclic Wave™ technology that provides a cleaner, more efficient pulse for better performance, especially at the end of the fence line near a short. For more information please contact: Brian Markwardt Fence Marketing & Production Manager Tru-Test, Inc. Phone: 940-327-8020 Fax: 940-327-8048 Email:
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