SUNHEAT® Heating Systems

SUNHEAT® Infrared heating systems effectively heat your home from floor to ceiling Units are rated to heat 1000 square feet as a supplementary heat source. These heaters operate virtually maintenance free for pennies a day – compare that to last winter’s heating bills! By using individually controlled units, the SUNHEAT® system provides heat only where and when it is needed for more comfort in specific areas. Since the air mixes at ground level, floors stay warmer longer. This also means the temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall will never vary more than 2° Fahrenheit. SUNHEAT®’s unique concept means the infrared heater can be operated without the worry of starting a fire. Despite generating tremendous heat, the cabinet stays cool to the touch. Safe for children and pets. Does not take the oxygen out of the air. 800-491-4690 Ext. 334
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