M&M Engineered Products New Compact Loader "Ranch Rake” Grapple

The Ranch Rake brush rake introduced by M&M Engineered Products is one of the most useful new tools for compact tractors today. This heavy-duty brush rake allows users to tear through material quickly and efficiently. It has a very large capacity for moving great amounts of material in one load, lowering the number of movements needed by the loader. Made of high tensile strength materials, the Ranch Rake is designed to work efficiently and is built for longevity. The Ranch Rake is built entirely at a state-of-the-art facility in Nowata, Oklahoma. The Ranch Rake was developed to fill a gap in the industry of compact loaders. This heavy-built grapple rake is a must have for anyone who has a small frame skid loader or compact tractor. Its very strong design allows for anyone to use this rake on loaders 50 hp and down. The uses for this rake vary from farm and ranch to landscaping and light commercial. Its strong, compact design keeps the price affordable enough for even the smallest of landowners. The Ranch Rake currently comes in 3, 4 and 5 foot wide models. The rake has a very wide 36 inch tip to tip opening allowing users to handle all types of bulky material. The Ranch Rake uses 8 oil impregnated bronze bushings eliminating the need for grease in the main hinges. The Ranch Rake has a lower teeth spacing of 12 inches allowing smaller unwanted dirt pieces to fall out yet holding the material to be moved. The curved tooth design minimizes material hang up when dumping out large loads. The modular mounting system utilizes a bolt-on mount design making it an easily adaptable tool for 50 HP and down tractors and skid loaders. Nearly any type of loader mount is available. 877-301-1700 www.treeshear.com
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