SEH: Renewable Energy Services

Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH®) began working with farmers, rural families, industry, and utilities in 1927. Becoming an integral part of America’s rural electrification program. Since then, more than 600 engineers, scientists, planners, and funding specialists with SEH have expanded their beneficial services to offer full support to today’s dairy and cattle operations from 30 offices across the Midwest.
SEH helps dairy and cattle operations reduce operation costs, making them more profitable! They also help to identify new revenue sources, and remain in compliance with federal and state regulations. Additionally, SEH understands the opportunities of today’s agricultural producers. They help to develop strategies that integrate renewable energy production into the existing operation. There are a variety of operations such as solar, biomass, wind, and geothermal power.

SEH’s innovative services include:
• Start-to-finish planning, design, and construction services.
• Manure transfer, storage, and management systems tailored to specific operations.
• Odor reduction improvements from floor to the field.
• Bedding recovery and re-use provides efficient sand and solid separation systems and cleaning processes.
• Water systems improvements and water re-use.
• Fuel containment and spill protection.
• Stormwater and erosion control.
• Emergency remediation/clean-up.
• Topographic surveys and boundary surveys.
• Construction services including staking, inspection, and certifications.
• Site development design.
• Aggressive funding tracking, coordination, and management finds the money to make projects reality.
• NPDES permit preparation and management.
• Waste-to-energy/renewable energy projects.
• Carbon credit and green credit management.


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