Rostech Wireless Color Camera Monitoring System

Rostech Wireless Color Camera Monitoring System
The Rostech Wireless Color Camera System transmits video and audio directly to a TV in your home or office, allowing you to monitor your animals and outbuildings from warm and comfortable surroundings. The color camera monitoring system sets up in minutes and transmits up to 1000 ft to a receiver connected to an ordinary television set.

You no longer have to miss other activities like family dinners and events while you’re waiting for an animal to give birth. You can watch the progress remotely and arrive at the barn to give assistance if needed.
Investing in a Rostech Wireless Color Camera system will add time to your day and security to your operation.
American Cattlemen readers are eligible for a special 2 week - Free Trial Offer on the Rostech Wireless 2400 Color System by calling a Rostech Specialist at 1-800-361-8080.
For more information on Rostech products visit the Rostech website: or by calling Rostech Electronics at 1-800-361-8080.

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