New Punch Panel Livestock Trailers

Our goal is to provide a choice of a more aerodynamic, lighter weight trailer for fuel savings, while at the same time, offering a unique control of protection from the elements for your livestock, allowing you to haul more livestock weight and less trailer weight. You have the openness of the punch panels for a good air circulation and cooling in the warm weather and the ability to get inserts for winterizing for your livestock in the cold weather. With a design that maximizes your ability to comfortably transport livestock in the cold winter months, we have also been able to offer the best option for summer as well, all in the same trailer.
The newly designed Punch Panel Trailer is available in either Steel or Aluminum. These trailers are available in sized ranging from 16 ft. up to 40ft. There is also a 40 ft. up to 53 ft. ground load ground load wheel model available. Giving you plenty of options to meet all of your needs.
Although this Punch Panel Trailer is a new design for our company, it still adheres to our high standards for dependability and durability. For the past 44 years our Gooseneck trailers have led the industry in being built stronger to last longer. We know that the cattleman faces all kinds of terrain and daily demands that must be met with rugged capability and reliability, and that’s why we combined our original Gooseneck design with the new approach of ‘climate control’ for your livestock.


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