VT Fabrication Tree Shear

TREE SHEAR: VT Fabrication of Weston, NE introduces the V Cutter. Built to fit most skid steer loaders, the V Cutter is the fastest and easiest way to cut unwanted trees! The V-Cutter cuts down trees up to 8” in diameter with a non-moving, fixed blade system. Just center the skid loader with a tree and drive forward. The tree is cut at or below ground level. The V Cutters hydraulic grapple then gathers and secures the cut trees, allowing for “one man operation” of stacking or removal. What makes the V Cutter so efficient is its ability to remove multiple trees as it cuts them. Without this ability, trees pile up in your way and make the job difficult. Also available with non-movable grapple arms, which do not require hydraulics. Perfect for clearing CRP acres, hedgerows, fields, and acreages of unwanted trees and shrubs. Whatever your nuisance trees are, the V-Cutter is the answer! Patented. For more info call 402-480-4599. www.vcutter.com
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