Cattle Chutes

Product Review

Livestock restraint systems are designed to keep both the handler and the livestock safe from injury. But an equally important benefit to using a cattle chute is that it will save you time and money as well. You’ll save time through the efficiencies that occur when you’re able to control the animal during branding and medical procedures; and you’ll save money by not having the downtime and expense of an injury.

• Features single-lever, double-sided squeeze mechanism with heavy-duty linkage
• Heavy-duty squeeze lever for improved ergonomics, ease of use, and safety
• Drop-down horseshoes for easy top-side access as well as fold-down and fully removable bottom panels
• Spring-loaded side exit door for larger animals to exit and for sorting
• Scale-ready and equipped to handle various load bar configurations
• Rear vertical sliding tailgate with automatic locking that locks it in both the closed and fully open positions with safety stop at top
• Rear tailgate release and side door release feature durable triangular handles hooked to pulleys at pivot points for ease of operation and durability
• Grease fittings on all major pivot points
• Entire chute is powder coated for corrosion resistance and long life in the field
• Headgate available with extra large door set option for larger cattle
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• Economically priced
• Maximum neck access allows great convenience for preferred injection site
• Floor easily adjusts by pulling floor adjustment levers and sliding floor to desired widths
• Easy to use side slide tailgate
• Standard side exit for sorting or emergency use
• Five contoured upper side panels on each side of the chute with gravity latches
• Squeeze function uses infinite locking system technology, allowing perfect fit for every size animal
• Overhead squeeze lever pulls down parallel to chute so it’s out of operator’s way while working cattle
• Removable bottom access panels on both sides of chute
• Comes standard with manual headgate but automatic/manual headgate is optional
• Lubricate locks and all moving parts with WD40
• Wishbone carriage and carriage receiver available
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• Designed for heavy duty use
• Heavy steel construction
• Lower access door for treatment ease
• Fold-down sides and drop side bars
• Hydraulically controlled, fast action, and scissor-type entrance and exit doors with relief valves to protect animals from over-squeezing
• Height 90", width 60", length 96"
• Weight approximately 2700 pounds
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•With hydraulic headbender and headsqueeze this is the safest and most efficient cattle chute on the market
• Raised rebar floor
• Top squeeze and bottom squeeze adjustment
• Neck shot area
• Overhead hydraulics
• Strong, dependable latches
• Four-inch side bar spacings
• Quiet 5hp motor and medicine hooks
• Headbender eliminates need for nose tongs
• Headsqueeze securely holds head for dehorning
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• Tremendous access to any sized critter
• Easy to operate – safe for handler and animal
• Squeezes from both sides to keep animal centered in chute
• Six large branding doors swing horizontally or completely remove for access to animal
• Controls easily reversible and stays out of an operator’s way
• Quickly apply pour-on over chute side without opening a branding door
• Plenty of neck access allows for proper vaccination techniques
• Sides enclosed to height of 42” to cut off animal’s side vision
• Vertical drop-down tailgate locks in both up and down position
• Choice of headgates
• Foot panels drop down or remove completely for footwork or nursing
• Heavy duty, cleated, diamond plate floor for years of dependable service
• Rump bar with ratchet mechanism
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• Cattle chute has exits from front Full front opening cattle chute
• Steel kick panel on bottom sides can be lowered half way down or completely removed for leg and foot access
• Positive lock drop bars for complete side access of cattle chutes
• Cattle chutes have grease fittings at all pivot points
• 2" pipe construction
• Rolling tailgate
• Adjustable side squeeze
• Portable or stationary
• No long, protruding handles
• Size: 8'l x 40"w x 6½'h
• Weight approx. 1475 pounds
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•Vertical sides allow cattle to move into chute easily and stand in a relaxed, natural position
• No climbing sides or excessive slipping
• Neck panels are hinged and swing out for safe access
• Wing gates are hinged for quick, easy opening and optimum safety and removable for larger opening. Double wing available for branding!
• Automatically adjusts to any size animal as chute is squeezed
• Side boards are removable for foot work and milking
• Diamond-plate steel floor improves traction and increases safety
• Large wing gates hinge for quick, easy opening and optimum safety
• Left, right or double side exits available
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• Head stanchion, center squeeze, split tailgate controlled from one position enabling one-man operation
• Drop side pipes allow animal access from both sides for vaccinating, pour-on, etc.
• Tailgate locks open, allowing one-man operation of the tailgate while working animal into the chute
• Designed for animals up to 2500 pounds
• Positive locking side exit latch prevents accidentally opening
• Safety latch provides operator assurance on chute’s exit side
• V-pattern squeeze provides even pressure on animal to keep in a balanced upright position while being worked
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• Optional trailer for portability
• Cart-mounted gas engine with hydraulic pump and reservoir powers chute
• Hydraulic levers conveniently located for one-person operation
• Optional patented mugger for easy handling of cattle’s head
• Bolts have grease zirts to ease wear        
• Rubber bumpers used in end gates for quiet operation
• Squeeze walls hydraulically adjustable at the floor to narrow chute for any size cattle/calves
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• All controls on front corner of chute for one-man operation
• Retractable squeeze arm allows safe, unrestricted, movement around chute by operator
• Steel cables synchronize headgate movement with 180 degree swing
• Hinged dropbars on both sides of chute with foolproof gravity latches
• Steel floor with floor cleats for sure footing
• WW Yoke Trailers fit all WW Squeeze Chutes
• Unique headgate design allows animal to help operator secure head in position – no danger of choking
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• Operates from 30” to less than 15” inside dimensions
• 73” inside working height,124” inside working length and 30” inside working width
• Operators and handlers move forward and aft with no handle or lever obstruction
• No moving parts attached to floor
• Each steel moving part is greaseable via zirks
• Heavy duty manual headgate
• Flex cutting gate or dropgate
• Palpation cage with latches following squeeze
• Side exit, right side and side entrance, left side
• Six removable branding doors
• Side blinders on branding doors
• Double side squeeze
• Breast bar
• Two restraining rails 
• Fiberglass butt bar
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• Patented low-pressure, complete-opening action head and taildoors
• Most efficient flow-in, flow-out
• 130-point noise reduction system
• Blinder louvers and injury-free exit
• 16 inches of extra neck access per sidegate for precision vaccination placement
• Complete opening-action head and taildoor so cattle enter without hesitation
• Headdoor closes only as far as necessary to hold a herd bull or short yearling calf
• Equal pressure on headdoor top to bottom
• Doors use less room to open and shut for operation for operator safety
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• Open range is 11”-30”
• Quick adjust on floor allows adjustments to be made with cow in the squeeze
• Headgate has no chains to be stretched
• Grease zirks on all collars for easy maintenance
• Top side panels swing from each end of the squeeze – center removable for easy access to top of animal
• Bottom access panel removable to allow access to bottom of cow
• Neck panels swing out to allow for neck injections
• Rolling door tailgate
• Self catch headgate
• Headgate easily stripped to release animals
• Squeeze is good for 450 pound calves to 2800 pound bulls
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BowmanBowman Livestock Equipment -  Feed Lot Model
  • A fully hydraulic operation
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Built-in relief valve, prevents excess squeeze pressure on animals
  • Hydraulic power unit can be mounted on top of chute or in remote location to reduce operating noise
  • Fast “scissor type” entrance and exit doors are hydraulically controlled
  • Squeeze bottom & sides, helps provide less stress
  • Lower access door for treatment conveniences’
  • Fold-down sides and drop side bars are standard
  • Head gate extensions are standard on all models
  • Available as shown with, hoof trimming options (drop bottom, body straps, head support table). Heavy duty body straps can be adjusted hydraulically to hold animal up in chute, when drop bottom is open. Available as a regular Tilt Chute, without hoof trimming options
Special features:
  • Drop bottom closes automatically, when chute is returned to upright position
  • Head support table with holes for tie-down straps or ropes
  •  Fully hydraulic operation- squeeze bottom, head gate, entrance gate squeeze sides
Sizes available: Standard Feed Lot model, Calf, Exotic and Bull Chutes

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