Cattle Tags Electronic Id

Product Review

CattleMax Cattle Software
CattleMax is a one-stop solution to your record keeping needs, as a software program to help you track cow-calf production records. CattleMax is used by over 6,000 producers worldwide with as few as 5 head and several with 10,000+ cattle.
A variety of EID integration methods in CattleMax help ensure your investment in EID equipment will truly be beneficial to your operation.
While it’s good to have your records up-to-date and complete, using the information to make management decisions helps to make your implementation of EID even more beneficial. Whether you use the preset “Electronic ID” list report or need more advanced reporting, CattleMax helps bring together the EID equipment and herd management needs.
Y-TEX® Corporation is please to offer a full line of RFID products from RFID tags to Stationary and Hand held RFID tag readers. The Y-TEX RFID tag is ISO 11784 compliant employing full-duplex technology. The transponder is encapsulated in a weather-resistant polyurethane material which is extremely durable. The Y-TEX RFID tag weights only 6.42 grams and provides superior read distance, excellent retention and unsurpassed overall performance. Y-TEX RFID tags utilize Full-Duplex or FDX technology which refers to the transmission of data in two different directions simultaneously (like telephonecommunication), the continuous reader field results in faster read performance and FDX technology is less susceptible to interference from the presence of metal and electrical noise than other technologies. The Y-TEX RFID tag is an Official Animal Identification Number (AIN) Device approved by the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and can be used with panel identification tags to create matched pairs that can be customized to meet the producer’s identification needs. The Y-TEX RFID tag utilizes the Y-TEX Ultra Tagger Plus for quick and easy application and is available at leading animal health outlets nationwide.
• Unique tag design offers easier to see number.
• Improved neck design that minimizes ear damage.
• Dependable read performance and tag durability.   Over fourteen million sold worldwide.
• HDX tag advantage! Longer read distance than FDX tags so fewer missed cows. 
 Fewer missed cows means less labor and better record keeping.
EZid HDX ear tags are competitively priced and USDA/NAIS/*COOL compliant. The bottom line...our goal is to offer an excellent product, save you time and money and provide dependable service. These tags are available as standard ISO tags or 840 country of origin tags. Either way, the same tag performance. By using a variety of readers, electronic RFID ear tags play an integral part in streamlining accurate record keeping.