Livestock Waterers

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Relax . . . Ritchie waters ‘em right. Thomas Ritchie patented the first automatic waterer device in 1921. Since that time, Ritchie Industries has manufactured a complete line of livestock waterers to the highest specifications in the industry. From a single horse stall fount to fountains that accommodate 500 cattle, Ritchie fountains have set the standard in quality. So when you buy a Ritchie fountain, you know you’re getting the most dependable product on the market…not to mention the best value, service and warranty in the business.

• Stainless steel trough

• Fully insulated base

• Highly energy efficient units – withstand extreme winters of the northern states

• Covered founts

• New large capacity waterer – Omni 10

• Variety of valves for different water pressures

• Patented water seal

• Highly energy efficient

• Easy to maintain

• Omni Fount blends technology from stainless steel units and newest poly units to provide a premier livestock fountain

• Omni Fount – heat elements attached to underside for frost free service under the most severe winter conditions

• Fast refill, reliable Ritchie valve

• Optional water meter to monitor livestock water intake


P.O. Box 730 • 120 South Main

Conrad, IA 50621




Giant Rubber Water TanksGiant Rubber Water Tanks

Recycled open-pit haul truck and loader tires find new life as water troughs that will last you a lifetime.  Approved by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service in most states for use in cost share projects.

• Ranging in size from 6 to 13 feet in diameter

• Can hold from 200 - 1800 gallons

• Can be custom cut to almost any height

• Freezing, fighting bulls, equipment intervention, target practice etc., do not make a dent in these sturdy investments

• All this adds up to significant time and replacement cost savings for you

• You can’t break them, and they won’t break you


P.O. Box 86 • Alva, WY 82711




Hoskins Manufacturing Co IncHoskins Manufacturing Co. Inc.

A wide variety of livestock waterers are available from Hoskins Manufacturing. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and stainless steel water tanks are unconditionally guaranteed for 25 years against rust, corrosion and normal livestock damage. Hoskings Manufacturing stands behind their products, insuring they are free from defects in both workmanship and materials.

• Watering units ideal for individual sick pens, calf or sheep waterers

• Units ideal for larger and/or smaller operators

• Removable mud trays in hog waterers for easy cleaning

• Hog waterers that hold two different drinks

• Units ideal for fence line use

• No hinged lids to break off

• Adjustable thermostat units carry unconditional guarantee for

3 years on all electrical parts subject to normal use

• Heat unit does not touch tank, providing maximum safety – residues do not bake on tank


P.O. Box 101 • Hoskins, NE 68740

Fax: 402-565-4529




A revolutionary patented livestock watering system was developed by Miraco after many years of research. The company was a pioneer in manufacturing automatic livestock waterers from polyethylene materials. Their patented, unique ball system used in their energy-free livestock waterers are both insulated from freezing in severe cold temperatures and provide a cooling effect for water during summer months. Miraco’s energy-free livestock watering system has dramatically reduced costs associated with traditional watering systems. Systems are available for beef and dairy cattle as well as horses and hogs.

• Heavy duty

• Rugged

• Livestock safe

• Durable

• Low maintenance

• Long life

• Reduced algae

• Water efficient

• Energy free

• One-piece body polyethylene construction

• No sharp edges

• Tough “Rockite” material, high impact resistance

• Resists corrosion – no chipping or cracking

• 2”-3” urethane insulation

• Rubber gaskets for air-tight seal

• Molded base unit anchors

• Sloped bottom for easy cleaning

• Sealed bottoms

• Multiple access panels

• Preferred choice of cattle and dairy producers


P.O. Box 686

Grinnell, IA 50621

Fax: 641-236-3341




Cobett Company has been proud to provide its patented, Cobett waterers since 1997. This unique design offers powerful performance and versatility not found in most other unheated systems. These very durable, black polyethlene waterers have no doors, or seals nor concrete pads that could eventually crack and allow unwanted air-leaks to critical components. There are valve options for various applications.

• Low/no traffic - OK               

• No heat - OK

• No concrete - OK                 

• Open drinking area

• Bull-tough                 

• Buried system

• Easy cleaning & plumbing access

• Serves bison, cattle, horses, and sheep


2651 265th Street E. • Peru, IA 50222




Petersen Manufacturing Co IncPetersen Manufacturing Co. Inc.

The durability of Petersen Livestock waterers doesn’t solely rely on the 3/8” welded rebar cages and 5,000 PSI strength concrete. Petersen’s air-entrained concrete is designed for expansion and contraction during temperature changes to eliminate cracking and deterioration.  The company’s five-year warranty insures that watering worries are over with the purchase of a Petersen Concrete Waterer.

• Thermostatically controlled element            

• Steel rounded hood

• Smooth, rounded edges to eliminate injury               

• Large float chamber

• Rust-free insulated plastic doors and valve covers 

• Energy efficiency

• Available in electric or constant flow               

• Large drains for easy clean out

• ¾” brass or plastic valves for fast recovery                      

• Free-flo trickle valve

• Optional black epoxy inside coating for                   

• Optional self-flushing bowls solar heating


2475 Hwy 30 • Denison, IA 51442