Heat Detection Aids

Product Review

Developing a protocol on your farm for detecting standing heat will help you increase successful conceptions among your herd and   increase overall profitability. And while we believe that there are no substitutes for keen observation and accurate record keeping; heat detection aids are inexpensive and simple to use, making them a valuable tool for detecting standing estrus.

Our research department has gathered information on 3 quality heat detection aids from Kamar, Estrotect and eNasco to help you find the one that will work best on your ranch. 
As always, call us at 1-800-673-4763 if you need help finding these products in your marketplace. It would be our pleasure to help you find the products and equipment you need. 




QuickStick Heatmount Detector

by Kamar
 The QuickStick Kamar detector uses a thin layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive to stay on the cow when applied between the tail head and the hipbones of the cow.   The detectors are a pressure sensitive device with a built-in timing mechanism designed to be activated by standing heat behavior. Pressure from the brisket of a mounting animal requires approximately 3 seconds to turn the detector from white to red. This timing mechanism helps distinguish between true standing heat versus false mounting activity. Standing heat behavior in the bovine is the most reliable sign that a cow is ready to be bred. Kamar - The first name in heat detection since 1960; the innovative leader in heat detection ever since.
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ESTROTECT Heat Detectors
Detecting standing heat requires keen observation over a period of time. ESTROTECT Heat Detectors are self-adhesive and are placed between the hip and tail head of the cow. Unlike other heat detection aids, ESTROTECT withstands multiple mountings while heat progresses.   More and more of the silver ESTROTECT surface is removed via friction each time a cow or heifer is mounted. When more of the fluorescent color indicator is visible than the silver scratch-off surface, the closer the cow or heifer is to standing heat. 
 ESTROTECT was designed to indicate when cows are in standing heat in contrast to only showing when a cow has been mounted once for two or three seconds.
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Estrus Alert® by eNasco
 Estrus Alert® is an all weather, friction activated device. The easy to use device is placed across the backbone and adheres to the animal’s hair.   Easily seen by the rancher or ranch worker, the signal layer begins to show after the first mount, and true standing heat is detected after several mounts. Available in three colors.  
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