Calf Tables

Product Review

For-Most Calf Tables have three drop down branding doors that open independently to provide plenty of access to the animal, a vertical sliding tailgate stays upright when table is tipped to eliminate a separate gate to stop animals in alley. There is an adjustable leg pin for separating the animal’s legs for castrating, with an optional removable foot panel for easy access to the underside and feet of the animal. A self-catching head gate opens wide for easy exit out of the chute.
The table is equipped with a headboard to aid in head restraint and less stress while the animal is tipped on its side. The calf table is heavy duty enough to handle small animals up to 450 pounds. It is adjustable at the bottom from 5 to 9 inches wide. The table is equipped with a friction type squeeze to get a firm hold on any size animal. The head gate and tailgate can be mounted on either end, allowing for a left or right tipping table. The calf table also can be made portable with an optional trailer.

Priefert Calf Tables have an easy-tilt two-stage pivot system, adjustable floor widths; removable bars provide easy access to the animal. Is reversible for right or left side branding. Can handle calves up to 450 lbs, with leg hobbles and head chain included. With Portability and optional carriage, and a lifetime replacement warranty on locks.




Powder River Calf Tables handle calves up to 450 lbs. With a scissor type manual stanchion that can be opened at the desired width for catching your calf, and dally cleats are included for tying a leg back out of the way. Seven drop-side pipes can be dropped and swung out of the way for easy access to a calf’s side for branding and vaccination, and a quick release pin allows you to drop the side in an emergency. There are three settings for the tip angle of the table. With an optional headboard with tie-down chains are available.
W-W Calf Table with there all steel construction and are precision balanced for ease in tipping. There are specially ribbed bars to immobilize calf for safety to animal and handler. Ratcheted legs robe it reduces stress on calf, and has full exposure of calf for ease of branding, vaccination, and castration. You can get right or left handed branding models. They have been proven efficiency and quality for over forty years and made in the U.S.A.