Manure Spreaders Product Review

Product Review

Effective and efficient use of nutrients is becoming more and more important in livestock operations. Whether nutrients fertilize crops or fill a different type of need, transportation and application needs to be done as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Manufacturers continually improve the durability and technology found in manure handling equipment. The wide variety of options give producers opportunity to select just the right machine that provides the features most suited to their operation.
In 1899, schoolmaster Joseph Oppenheim turned inventor and introduced the first commercially successful mechanical manure spreader. Master Oppenheim’s invention became the famous New Idea® brand of manure spreaders. Created to keep his pupils out of the fields and in the classroom, the first New Idea® spreader evolved to become the brand that set the standards for spreader performance, durability and reliability decade after decade.
In 1993 AGCO® Corporation became the proud owner of the rich New Idea® heritage. In this new century, they still design and manufacture every 3700 Series spreader based on the same three basic principles which guided Joseph Oppenheim: make manure handling easier, free up more time for other tasks, and provide controlled, uniform distribution.
Today’s 3700 Series spreaders are among the most efficient available, thanks to features like the strategically spaced beater paddles and corrosion resistant conveyor slats. And every 3700 Series spreader is constructed using the most advanced techniques, like robotic welding and computer aided manufacturing, to ensure all components fit precisely and function flawlessly.
• Optional hydraulic conveyor drive to select exact spreading speed
• Multitude of additional options to fit specific needs
• Two separate torque reduction kits allow reducing conveyor speed by either 20% or 50%, for more even spreading and longer spreader life
• Optional upper beater
• Strategically placed and angled beater paddles
• Chain adjustment gauge for easy maintenance
• One-piece, copper-bearing steel sides resist acidic/basic corrosion
• One-piece, all-welded frame prevents twisting and flexing to extend spreader life
• 7-gauge, high-strength main channel handles heavy loads and stressful operating conditions
• Constant-velocity PTO ensures tight, chatter free turns, reduces stress on drive line and cuts maintenance
• High-strength, cold-drawn slats
• Posi-Lock conveyor chains
• Protectively encased gearbox
• High-strength, low-alloy, one-piece frame
• Copper-bearing, culvert-grade galvanized steel sides
• Seven-ply floor constructed from 100% fir veneer that’s coated top and bottom with polyethylene
• Optional low-profile hydraulic end gate, heat-treated paddle tips, and a slurry pan
Meyer’s Equip. Mfg. Corp.
The future of agricultural technology takes a large step forward with the arrival of the revolutionary Meyer’s VB750 , VB560 & VB440 Twin Twister Manure Spreaders. The Twin Twister’s unique vertical beater design creates a wider, more even spread pattern. You’ll make fewer trips to the same field resulting in less soil compaction while saving you in time and money! 
With over 45 years of experience in the design and development of the Meyer’s product manure spreaders, Meyer’s Equipment Mfg. Corp. has the answer for your manure handling needs. Meyer’s EMC’s extensive product line of Meyer’s Heavy-Duty Spreaders are more than machinery. They are an investment in the future of your business. At Meyer’s Equipment Mfg. Corp., we are committed to building a quality product at a fair price. Our manure spreaders are not massed produced. When you purchase a Meyer’s Box Spreader you can expect quality and dependability!
• All poly box – no liners!
• Quality construction at a lower price!
• Less down time, economical parts!
• Easy to maintain – most farmers can work or repair on the farm!
• Variety of uses – dairy farmer, beef farmer, poultry farmer
• Over 45 years of experience
• Longer lasting equipment - better return on equipment investments!
H&S Mfg. Co.
H&S Manufacturing Co. Inc. was founded in 1967 and has remained a family-owned business. Originally, the business manufactured self-unloading forage boxes. The original manufacturing facility occupied 5 acres and consisted of a 50’ x 100’ block building with a very small office in the then new Marshfield Industrial Park. Over its 33-year history, H&S has experienced steady expansion of facilities, products, and markets. The original 5,000 square foot manufacturing plant has grown to 220,000 square feet on 56 acres in Marshfield and Clintonville, Wl and Ripley, NY. The patented variable speed drive on the H&S APS spreader makes it an ideal unit for future precision application technology.
• Massive unitized welded frame with heavy floor supports and side stakes
• Wrap around steel front corners
• Strong rear main beater side panels slanted for clearance and wider spread
• Entire inside box bonded polyethylene to marine type plywood for easy cleaning
• No rear or side obstructions to beaters for better spreading
• 2-speed apron
• Optional variable speed hydraulic drive
• Semi-liquid end gate
• Two types of paddles – blunt for wide spread and sharp ripper for cutting/shredding
• Strong oil bath bevel gear box
• Steel alloy apron idler slides extending spreader life
• Optional top beater
• 2-speed chain drive
• PTO speed 540 RPM
• Optional rear pan
• Front splash guard
• Struck level 185 cu. ft., 310 bu.
• Requires less torque to move heavy load
Kelly Ryan
Kelly Ryan was founded in 1945, a day when material shortages often forced equipment companies to manufacture products from scrap yard items. Some of the farm elevators Kelly Ryan produced during that era are still in service today. That’s how deeply rooted the company’s commitment is to producing superior, dependable machinery. Today the company, located in Blair, NE, is committed to producing quality equipment at an affordable price, providing high quality customer service and keeping customers in step with the ever-changing agriculture market.
5’ x 12 ft. manure spreaders
• 14-gauge sides
• 11-gauge floor
• High-speed beater drum with hardened-steel bolt-on replacement knives
• 67H or 667H apron chain
• Optional features include shear pin PTO, hydraulic slop gate, and plastic liner
• Truck mounts are also available in 5’x12’ size
Meyer Manufacturing
Meyer Manufacturing Corporation (then known as Meyer’s Machine Shop) was founded in 1944 by Alvin Meyer in Dorchester, Wisconsin. The original business was founded upon equipment repairs and the manufacturing of snow plows, farm wagons, grain elevators, truck racks, forklifts and mobile homes. Emphasis on customer satisfaction and commitment to product quality and advancement assure you of maximum productivity from its products. Meyer prides itself on tailoring products to meet the needs of all sized operations, farm and industrial. Take a close look at our equipment. We are sure you’ll see why for over 60 years. . . “Farm Equipment buyers trust the name Meyer.” Contact to find how Meyer can maximize your operation.
V-Max 2636
• Manure pattern stays low to minimize splash and wind-carried manure so you can spread it in any direction
• Unloads fast with even, consistent spread pattern provided by 540 RPM vertical expellers combined with break-away material guides
• Vertical expellers turn in opposite directions
• Large 42”x27” half-inch thick gate opening accepts tough material
• Gate slides up and down against non-freezable poly panel
• Heavy, rust-resistant steel
• 10-year warranty against rust-through
• Patented rear unload design
• Heavy-duty reduction drive
• Tough spring loaded chain tighteners on all drive line roller chains
• True-chain alignment adds years of life to spreader
Kuhn is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing specialized, innovative, high-quality products and services for agriculture worldwide. All of their actions aim at providing customers with superior service, the best long-term value and maximum return on investment. They continually strive to better satisfy customers and work together to understand customer needs, provide high quality and innovative products that provide the best value and make reliable support services accessible.
• Application rate precision
• Innovative and patented solutions for even distribution
• Outlets with automatic correction of fertilizer drop on point
• Guide channel with brush screens forwards fertilizer smoothly from outlet to pallets
• Guide for fertilizer identification and adjustment recommendations
• Large graduated scale enables fine tuning and precise flow rate adjustment
• Easy-fitting low chute fitted to the machine
• Fast disc removal without need for tools
• Electronic flow rate regulation
• Mass control – alternative to weighing system
• Slow agitator rotation to ensure consistent flow and prevent grinding and clogging outlets
• Wide working range with adjustable blades
• Double row of deflectors
• TELIMAT limiter guides controlled from tractor cab for non-stop spreading
New Holland
When you place your confidence in New Holland agricultural equipment, you also get the finest support. Your local New Holland dealer stands behind you at every step with the equipment, parts, service, and financial services you and your operation need. We produce the most reliable, durable spreaders you can buy.
• Extra steel frame members in the spreader’s undercarriage to provide added box strength
• Heavy-duty axles with high-strength steel plates and spindle to reduce frame stress
• A-frame hitch made of high-strength, lightweight steel carries the load instead of pulling it
• Sturdy, formed steel frame member protects front of the floor
• Maximum-strength, easy-cleaning side sheets are designed without ribs
• Optional slurry sides – increase capacity by about 25% and reduce splash-over
• Unique “floating floor” expands and contracts without putting stress on frame or sides
• Floors made of ¾”x6” high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tongue-and-groove planks for tight, leak-free fit
• Floor won’t chip, crack, peel or splinter and is acid- and mold-resistant – won’t rot or warp
• Sides and end gate made of special steels – 4x more corrosion-resistant and twice as strong as ordinary steels
• Choice of heavy-duty T-rod or pintle-type apron chains to match spreading conditions
• Rotary quadrant control allows for setting apron speed from the tractor
• Rugged, heavy-duty jack swings out of the way for transport