Biologically Integrated Insect Management Programs

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Biologically Integrated Insect Management Programs
Kunafin has been producing beneficial insects since 1959 to create biologically integrated insect management programs. They work with individuals who own one horse as well as major agri-businesses to provide beneficial insects as a first and most important line of defense against pest insect problems. Fly parasites are tiny wasp, harmless to humans and animals. The fly parasites are to be released in the moist areas of your operations. They seek out the pupae (immature stage of the fly). It “stings” by piercing the shell of the pupae and lays it’s own eggs inside the pupae, thus killing the developing fly and reducing the fly emergence into your operation. Flies Migrate! You do not grow all your own flies. Adult flies will come off pastures and from surrounding areas including cities seeking shade, moisture, and a good place to reproduce. When they come into a place like your operation they lay thousands of eggs. Releasing the fly parasites on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis you will be reinforcing the beneficial insects to help reduce adult fly emergence.
Kunafin, the producer of fly parasites, will work with you to help you create a fly management program designed for your needs. Please call us at 800-832-1113 if you

have any questions or to place your order.



AVENGER Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags
Superior horn fly control utilizing proven Ectoranä Technology  
 AVENGER is the next generation of ear tag fly control. Its mode of action provides quick knockdown and long-lasting kill. It is not a pyrethroid or an organophosphate and is an excellent choice when lack of season-long control due to pyrethroid-resistant flies is an issue. AVENGER controls horn flies and problematic ear ticks, face flies, lice, stable flies and house flies. AVENGER’s active ingredient transfers from the tag to animal’s hair coat to form a protective shield. It’s deadly toxin
paralyses flies, killing them on contact. It’s chemistry controls flies – especially pyrethroid resistant horn flies – up to five months. It has no resistance issues, has no offensive odor and is not sticky or greasy to the touch. In an independent horn fly trial, AVENGER provided more than 90% control through 4-1/2 months!
For more information about Avenger, contact your animal health products supplier or contact KMG at 1-800-322-8177 and visit our website at
Cow Life-Cattle Rub
This is Fly Control and more that works on millions
of cattle . . . like yours. It controls horn flies, face flies, horse flies, deer flies, mosquitors, lice and ticks. Simply keep the Rubs fully treated until fly season is completely over and you also prevent resistant flies.
Simply hang the 10 ft. Rub and apply along its length about 2 gallons of insecticide solution. The Rub does the rest and many users report treating it less than once a month. Each Rub has an insecticide mixing chart attached. A hand sprayer without the nozzle is a great way to treat Cow Life-Cattle Rubs.
For more information about Cow Life-Cattle Rub visit our website at or by phone at 800-344-0115