Powerful Tractors

Product Review

Agco DT 240a
• Powerful AGCO engines with Electronic Engine Management 3 (EEM3) and high-pressure common rail injection technology deliver impressive torque and improved fuel economy
• All AGCO DT Series tractors meet the Tier III/Stage 3A emission standards for North America and Europe
• PowerMaxx CVT (continuously variable transmission) provides maximum efficiency through infinite speed selection from 60 ft/hr up to 25 mph (32 mph with optional HydraMaxx front axle suspension), handling speed changes under load and on the go without clutching or stopping
• Closed center, pressure and flow compensated hydraulic system with a maximum total flow of 39 GPM gives the DT Series exceptional lifting power and precise control with four standard electro hydraulic valves
• Over 14,000 lbs. of lift capacity and Electronic Lift Control give the DT series the tools necessary to tackle any job
• Tailor each model to fit your individual operation through various options to increase performance and comfort including improved field lighting and operator environment, pneumatic cab suspension, precision farming tools from AGCO Global Technologies, and the FL85 farm loader featuring mechanical self-leveling and the patented Lock-n-Go quick-attach system
Case Magnum 305
• Power growth of up to 41 hp provides extra pulling power when you need it most
• Sculpted front end allows for best-in-class 16-foot (4.9m) turning radius with typical row-crop tires
• Hydraulic flow capability up to 78 gpm (297 lpm) and greater hitch lift capacity handles the most demanding implements
• 18x4 power shift transmission with standard auto-shift has more than two decades of proven performance and durability in the field
• Largest, quietest cab in the industry with unsurpassed visibility and ergonomic armrest controls for a truly comfortable work environment
• Ground-level central location for fluid checks and other service tasks means easy maintenance and less time
 • Magnum tractors have been proudly built at the Racine, Wisconsin Manufacturing plant since the original 7100 Series in 1987
Agricultural Scales Inc.
• Designs and manufactures certified electro/mechanical systems for weighing cattle. 
• These scales have been designed to withstand the rigors of the harshest livestock environments  
• These “Legal for Trade” (NTEP Approved) livestock scales feature a mechanical lever system with parallel link suspension
• This tried and proven concept provides years of low maintenance use. 
• Customers have their choice of electronic or mechanical display.
• These scales have a synthetic floor, which will endure harsh climates ranging from zero to well over a hundred degrees and its semi-soft surface, reduces the stress, noise and injury rate of your livestock
• These scales are certifiable in all 50 states
• Territory sales representatives will provide you with support when and where you need it most
New Holland T8040
• Electronically controlled injector delivers precise quantities of high-injection fuel to each individual cylinder, eliminating plunger pumping elements and long individual injection lines to each cylinder, the higher injection pressures result in better atomization of the fuel and a cleaner burn, resulting in increased fuel economy, improved low end torque and reduced emissions
• Constant engine speed control system means that you can set the maximum engine rpm for constant-speed applications like planting and spraying, or take advantage of peak horsepower and fuel economy during tillage operations by setting a constant engine speed to 2000 rpm
• Single, high-efficiency, closed-center, load-sensing (CCLS) variable-displacement piston pump provides an outstanding 44 gallons per minute (gpm) flow on demand to the three-point hitch, hydraulic remotes, steering and optional trailer brake systems
• Deluxe air-suspension seat cushions bumps and includes an adjustable heat control that cycles on and off during the day to provide a massaging effect and provides adjustments for firmness, weight, height, swivel, and lumbar support and fore/aft isolation—all standard
John Deere 9230
• The John Deere PowerTechTM Plus engine used in the 8430 features an improved torque curve - by moving peak torque from 1400 rpm to 1600 rpm, torque rises quicker for improved engine response to changing loads, with a Nebraska Tractor Test fuel economy record of 18.65 horsepower-hour/gallon (PTO performance at rated engine speed, test number 1873-527)
• John Deere 16-speed Power Shift Transmission (PST) is standard equipment on all models except the 8530, which features the Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVTTM)
• John Deere ActiveSeat™ option improves operator comfort by sensing vertical movement of the tractor and reacting in an opposite movement to maintain seat position
• CommandARM features four selective control valve controls on the front allowing for more convenient operation of implements
• CommandCenter™ for control and adjustment at the operator’s fingertips
• GreenStar™ ready harness with implement connector included in base equipment