Ekstrum Simmentals & Simm/Genetics

Ekstrum Simmentals is a family operation located south of Kimball, SD. My Uncles Richard and Duane with my father John started AIing and performance testing cattle in the early 60s. They started breeding Simmental genetics in 1970. Today the operating consists of my father John and me (Clay). In the 80s we used and bought many sires out of Canada that were Fleck influenced. Focusing on 6.5-7 frame, high maternal, and performance. In the early 90’s we started using Red Angus to give the cattle a more solid color pattern. We still selected the same traits for the Red Angus as we do for the Simmental.

Address:  36220 257th St.
City:  Kimball
State / Province:  South Dakota
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  57355
Phone Number(s):  605.778.6185 605.730.1511