GEA Houle Inc.

GEA Houle Inc. started in 1957 in Wickham, Quebec, Canada, when Jérome Houle manufactured his own barn cleaner on the family farm. In 1963, a 6,000 square feet plant was built in Wickham.  In its early days, the company concentrated its efforts in the production of barn cleaners and cow stalls.
It was enlarged to 30,000 square feet in the 70’s. At that time, GEA Houle Inc. manufactured three types of equipment namely, conventional barn cleaners, cow stalls and steel structures for farm buildings.

Address:  P.O. Box 370
City:  Drummondville
State / Province:  Québec
Country:  Canada
Zip Code:  J2B 6W3
Phone Number(s):  8194777444
Fax:  8194770486