New Tec Inc.

New Tec Inc., founded 2004 in Sioux Center, Iowa, focuses on the development of innovative products which provide safe and efficient work situations. Here are four examples: The Calf Catcher Calf Corral protects farmers from overly aggressive mother cows while processing newborn calves. The calves can be caught and transported efficiently by one worker. The ATV Stock Trailer allows for the easy transport of small livestock and other items. Handee-Tredd Powered Appliance Cart allows for a single individual to transport appliances, water heaters, boilers, etc., up and down stairs with very little lifting. Shore Stepper Walking Boat Lift will "walk" into the desired location and back onto shore again. This eliminates the need to carry or have a third party install the boat lift at the beginning and end of the boating season. Our strengths are in the areas of engineering, design, and fabrication.

Address:  1008 Locust St. PO Box 715
City:  Hull
State / Province:  Iowa
Country:  United States
Zip Code:  51239-0715
Phone Number(s):  8663690505
Fax:  7124390507