Equipment Notebook - Combines

By L. Sorensen Used Equipment - Combines What’s going on with used combine sales for 2009? It appears that the value of some older and smaller models may be increasing while sale prices of some later, larger models has fallen off to a degree, at least from the highs seen in 2008. A look at 2008 and 2009 sales data shows that a significant number of John Deere’s 9600 STS and 7220 models were reported sold in 2008 and quite a few of the same models have been reported sold this year. The 13-30-foot head width 9600 STS was manufactured between 1989 and 1997 and has a 240 bushel bin capacity. It has a 7.6L 6-Cyl Turbo engine with 215-260 HP. It listed new for $132,955. Estimated loan values run from $29,751 for the 1989 model to $53,156 for the 1997 model. Reported 2008 auction sales prices of the 9600 ranged from $15,000 to $88,000. There seemed to be no trend over the year as April 2008 was the month a 1995 JD 9600 was auctioned off in Kansas for $88,000. April 2008 auction sale prices of the JD 9600 ranged from $28,500 at two Minnesota sales for a 1989 and 1990 model to $38,000 at a Texas sale for 1 1995 9600. An Oklahoma sale in May saw a 1990 9600 sell for $35,500 in Oklahoma. June 2008 sales reported in Indiana ranged from $27,000 for a 1990 model to $40,000 for a 1996 9600. July sales in North and South Dakota again saw a range of prices, from a low of $15,000 for a 1989 9600 at a South Dakota sale to a high of $48,000 for a 1995 model in North Dakota. August 2008 sales of the 9600 were reported from several states. In South Dakota, a 1991 model brought $22,100 and 1997 9600 models sold for $28,500 at one auction and $47,500 at another – just one day apart. A Minnesota auction in August brought $45,000 for a 1997 9600. One October sale of a 1993 9600 reported in Iowa netted $46,000. By December 2008, a 1996 9600 sold for $47,000 in Minnesota and a 1997 model went for $67,000 at a North Dakota sale. Sales of the same model in 2009 haven’t been as numerous, at least at this point in time. Two 1990 9600 models sold in 2009 during April in Minnesota went for $28,000. A 1996 model sold that same month in Minnesota went for $33,250. A 1995 9600 sold in Minnesota during April brought $90,000 and a 2004 9600 sold that same month in the same state netted $118,000. In comparison, the highest reported price for the 1995 model in 2008 was $88,000 and no 2004 models were reported sold in 2008. John Deer’s 7720 was manufactured between 1979 and 1989 with a 13-30-foot head and 190-bushel capacity. They have a 6 cylinder 466 CID 145 HP engine and listed new for $86,345. It seemed that quite a few 7720 models changed hands during 2008. A total of 34 sales were reported in the states of Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, North and South Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin. The cheapest 7720, no year listed, brought $3,000 in Michigan. The highest sale price was for a 1983 model that brought $23,750 in South Dakota. In comparison, a 1984 7720 sold for $3,500 at a Minnesota auction in March 2009. Two Michigan sales in March saw a 1981 model sold for $5,150 and a 1984 model for $7,000. A Missouri sale this year brought $8,400 for a 1985 7720 and $8,500 for a 1983 7720. In contrast, a 1985 7720 sold for $15,000 in Minnesota and a 1982 model went for $16,000 in Illinois at a January sale. The highest priced 7720 sold in Illinois in March and brought $50,000. Since the value of some older combine models has started out strong for 2009, auction prices throughout the year may be up from what they were two or three years ago, in spite of economic uncertainty. It will be interesting to compare sales prices by 2010.