Equipment Spotlight: Portage and Main Outdoor Water Furnace

All outdoor boilers look similar from the outside—it’s what’s inside the unit that sets the Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace apart from any other make. Burn 1/2 to 1/3 less wood with a Portage & Main! Portage & Main – built for more than 30 years – is designed efficient (burns ½ to 1/3 less wood/coal) and has a long life expectancy. The Portage & Main has equal to, if not more heat recovery area than most other boilers. Our design has the heat recovery area – the multi- pass heat exchanger – above the fire – it’s more efficient that way. Exhaust gases travel through a water cooled trough design heat exchanger – five feet to the front of the P&M, turning 180 then five feet to the back and then to the chimney. Definitely not a straight shot! The water cooled baffle comes1/3 down the back of the burn pot and provides the first two passes. The baffle keeps the smoke and gasses in the burn pot longer using air injection from the back of the furnace. This means a more complete burn and less smoke. The four pass heat exchanger enables maximum heat extraction and is easily accessible for cleaning. The round fire pot design allows for even expansion/contraction, resulting in less stress on the welding, unlike flat metal which can stress and bulge with temperature changes. The round design with double boiler style welds has greater strength and allows for better water circulation. The return lines are piped to go through the grates first to extract a greater amount of heat. Easily removed ash pan and water cooled grates make ash removal safe and easy. Remove ashes regularly and there won’t be an insulating layer of ashes which would prevent the bottom of the water furnace from picking up more heat. Ash and moisture are corrosive, making easy ash removal even more important. The bottom floor, under the ash pan, is insulated with 2” of Styrofoam, thus reducing heat loss. The furnace door is at a convenient height for loading. We have an easy to read float water level. The digital controls/aquastat enables you to easily set the desired water temperature to within 1 degree, which improves efficiency. Portage & Main Outdoor Furnaces come with outlets for multiple building heating. The one piece roof is powder coated with no trims to rust or deteriorate. The chimney exits at the back of the stove, not through the roof. This means no leaking or rusting. The rest of the furnace has a quality, mirror like paint finish. An attractive furnace when you buy it and an attractive furnace for years to come! The great design and quality workmanship backed by the unbeatable full warranty is why we have many people who choose to replace their failing boiler with a Portage & Main. Any of our dealers or consultants would be pleased to discuss the Portage and Main Outdoor Water Furnace. Visit our website @ Call 1-800-561-0700 to find one near you. Portage and Main Outdoor Water Furnaces with over thirty years of excellence ▪ expertise ▪ experience you can trust year after year