Why is it more?  What makes it different? It Cuts, It trims, and it processes firewood. It is more than a wood splitter because of the design. It is inverted or upside down.  That is not new; they have been around for a while. What makes it different is the blade technology. All wood splitters have a splitting wedge or maul that they push the wood through or push through the wood. It is usually dull and fat. 

Morethanawoodsplitter uses a big sharp knife blade that cuts the wood, not split the wood.  It allows you to trim branches from trees, cut firewood to length and split like a regular wood splitter all from the comfort of the skid steer or tractor cab.  The knife is out on the end opposite the skid steer and the pusher block pushes the wood through the knife so all of the limbs you trim fall away from the operator.

The unit is 7 feet long so that allows you to reach far out or up for trimming.  A branch or log laying on the ground you can drive up to the side of and cut to firewood pieces, then spin that piece around, drop down over it, start the split, pick it up and put it over your truck or trailer and finish the split, dropping the wood right into vehicle. You have processed firewood and loaded it without ever having to handle it.  Wow! No Work!  That’s what good equipment is all about. Backed by M&M superior warranty this is a deal. A new idea on an old idea and all because of our tree shear blade technology. See it work at www.treeshear.comor call M&M Engineered Products LLC at 877-301-1700