Wadsworth Mfg. All In One

If you have ever struggled to put calf nipple on a bottle then Wadsworth Manufacturing who has been the leader in delayed castration products has the item for you. What started as a very simple design change to make placing a rubber nipple on the bottle much easier has led to many innovations that make our nipple very unique. We have discussed issues from the vent to the shape of the tip with users that feed one or two calves a year to the users that feed thousands per day. We really think we have put together the nipple that addresses all of the feedback we have received. Starting at the tip of the nipple, ours has smaller diameter right at the tip and gets bigger as it gets closer to the base. This makes it easier for a brand new calf to get it positioned in its mouth. We have also went with a softer material and gave it a texture that feels more natural. The vent design has a very broad base and a slit that works together with the accordion style ribs to open and shut with movement as well as suction to increase the airflow. This helps the larger more aggressive calves get the air they need to drink faster. These ribs also aid in the nipple staying on the bottle because they absorb all of the side pressure that pulls the nipples off. This lets you carry the bottles of milk by the nipple without the worry of them pulling off. The built in angle inside the base where it attaches to the bottle helps the user by lining up the nipple and forcing the nipple to stretch around the bottle lip. Our nipple goes on the bottle with a gentle push. What we believe to be a one of the greatest functions of our nipple is the fact that we can buy back used or wore out product and recycle it to make new nipples. It is great to make a product that has a built in solution for what to do with it when it has lived through its life expectancy, which by the way we are finding to be longer than other nipples. It doesn’t help anybody to just throw them away. For more information give us a call at (800)535-2428 or look us up at www.CattleBanders.com