Why Should Multi-Sile II Be Your Inoculant Of Choice On Corn Silage?

Multi-Sile II is both a homofermentative and a heterofermentative. It covers the entire fermentation cycle from beginning to end. The majority of the competition only covers certain aspects of the fermentation process. Multi-Sile II contains 5 strains of bacteria and 3 enzymes, which have been specifically selected to enhance each other. Multi-Sile II contains 150,000 CFU per gram of crop; unlike the majority of the competition, which only has 100,000.

This combination of bacteria and enzymes ensures a fast and complete fermentation is accomplished every time. The faster the fermentation and “curing” process, the more energy is conserved for feeding. The more heat produced the greater the loss of energy and more potential of binding valuable nutrients needed for production.

Why will Multi-Sile perform better and more efficiently than L. Buchneri? The L. Buchneri strain only works at the end of the fermentation cycle. It takes 60 – 90 days to work. Multi-Sile II is done in less than 1 week. Multi-Sile II with its homofermenters will help with dry matter recovery along with keeping more energy in your feed. It will also improve animal performance by 3-5%. The heterofementers are good inhibitors of yeast and mold, which cause heating along with spoilage. The end result is excellent bunk life and more stable feed at feed out. Multi-Sile II also gives you a better return on your investment.

 Most all university research shows a homofermentative/ heterofermentative combination inoculant without the L. Buchneri strain will improve animal performance. There is to date, no university research that shows L. Buchneri will improve animal performance. It has even been questioned if L. Buchneri has a negative effect on feed intake.

The Pioneer Company has a new strain of bacteria, which is being promoted as an aid to improve fiber digestion. To date there has not been any university data that backs up their claim. This was presented at the 4-State Nutrition Conference in Iowa a month ago. This product is also more expensive.

Multi-Sile II will reduce forage loss, give a better bunk life, have more stable feed at feed out, and will also improve animal performance all at a more reasonable price.

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