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KMG: Horn Flies Meet Resistance of Their Own As Field Trial Tests Major Insecticide Ear Tags

Horn flies are a perennial source of discomfort and annoyance for pastured cattle, and a constant challenge for producers trying to control them. One expert thinks cattlemen can be part of the problem, sometimes handicapping their own efforts by “doing dumb things” that enable horn flies to exercise their inherent knack for building up resistance to insecticides – like tagging every second or third animal in a herd or leaving tags on too long so dosage levels drop.

Farm Shop Saftey: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can reduce the number and severity of farmwork related injuries and illnesses. Personal protective equipment not only helps protect people but also improves productivity and profits. Farmers and ranchers can share in these benefits by using the appropriate protective equipment for themselves, family members and employees when the job and its potential hazards call for it.

Equipment Notebook: Demand for Compact Tractors

Demand for compact tractors continues to grow around the globe and our auction sales figures reflect the fact that good used compact tractors are as difficult as ever to find.

It's no surprise that more John Deere models were sold than any other brand. The company's popularity in the Midwest has spanned several generations. Even at that, our records list only 20 compact John Deeres that were reported sold at auction over the past year.