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Gps Proves Useful Tool For Leopold Center Grazing Research

AMES, Iowa – While most people see cows when they look at a pasture, Iowa State animal scientist Jim Russell sees the potential for improving cattle production as well as a way to conserve soil and water.

For the past three years, Russell has been studying cattle preferences as part of a research project supported by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. He used global positioning systems attached to cattle collars to track each animal’s movements within a pasture over two-week periods of time.

Large Round Bales: Safety

David Baker and Willard Downs
Department of Agricultural Engineering

The key to safe and efficient systems for handling large round bales is an operator who knows the hazards involved and who follows safety practices that can prevent accidents. Operators must be constantly alert for situations that may cause injuries to themselves or others. Besides pain and suffering, accidents contribute to higher costs in terms of unnecessary downtime or costly machine repairs. Alertness and safety consciousness can result in more efficient and profitable baling and handling.

Massey Ferguson Introduces MF1529 and MF1532 Compact Tractors Featuring Hydrostatic Transmissions

DULUTH, GA — New for 2010, the Massey Ferguson® 1529 and 1532 compact tractors bring three-range hydrostatic transmissions to the ever-popular Massey Ferguson 1500 Series line. Ideal for landscaping or grounds maintenance work, among others, hydrostatic transmissions provide constant speed and allow for smooth, easy directional changes in small spaces.

Unusual methods yield valuable data for cattle producers

When I was told that someone put GPS collars on cows and I’d be writing about it, I wasn’t sure what was in store. Having grown up on a farm, I’ve seen how global positioning systems are used in planting, spraying and harvesting. I’ve even used it to find new restaurants, but cattle?

Iowa State animal science professor and researcher Jim Russell has a long history of collaboration with the Leopold Center.  His work covers rotational grazing, factors that contribute to successful management and profitability, as well how to maintain water quality in pasture-based production systems.  His most recent competitive grant project looked at cattle movements and preferences in a pasture, and GPS collars were the best way to keep track of them.

DuPont Pastora Herbicide Receives Federal Registration

For Control of Grass Weeds, Problem Broadleaf Weeds on Bermuda Grass Acres

WILMINGTON, Del. - Cattle and commercial hay producers have an effective new tool to control problem grasses in Bermuda grass pastures and hay meadows: DuPont Pastora herbicide. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has granted DuPont federal registration approval for Pastora, a new herbicide that provides selective control of problem broadleaf and grass weeds with no grazing restrictions.

AgriLabs Adds Convenience With Larger Size estroPLAN

St. Joseph, MO - AgriLabs is recognized as an industry leader in providing products and technical expertise so that veterinarians and producers can more effectively manage their beef and dairy herds. To augment its core cattle vaccine capabilities, AgriLabs recently acquired the exclusive sales, marketing and distribution rights for the Pulmo-Guard family of Pasturella cattle vaccines: one-dose Pulmo-Guard PHM-1, Pulmo-Guard PH-M and the combination Express 5-PHM previously sold by Boehringer Inghelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Equipment Notebook - Air Compressors

Hot air isn’t generally welcome on a farm site – unless it’s compressed and ready to go to work! Here are the details on sales of a few used air compressors that will help you know where to land when you bid on a used unit at an auction.

A wide variety of different brands of air compressors were reported sold over the past year and prices varied nearly as much as brand names.

Air-Master was the brand of 6HP ELE compressor sold at auction in Wisconsin in April 2009. It was said to be in good condition and brought $450.

Beef industry faces down chickens, economy, and misconceptions

BOZEMAN -- The beef industry is fighting challenges on all sides, participants said during the 2010 Montana Livestock Forum and Nutrition Conference at Montana State University.

Beef not only faces stiff competition from chicken, but the industry deals with headlines that discourage people from eating red meat and "faulty science" that says organic meat is healthier than beef raised on traditional ranches, speakers said. The industry wants to convince people concerned about animal rights that they, too, care about animals and humane treatment.

"Agriculture is under attack," said Jacque Matsen, director of issues and reputation management for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

NSF International and USDA Co-Host 2010 Food Safety Education Conference in Atlanta

Experts Available to Discuss Hot Topics in Food Safety


NSF International, a not-for-profit public health and safety organization, is co-hosting the 2010 Food Safety Education Conference with the USDA March 24-26, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. An expert in food safety, NSF is a third-party certifier of the global food supply. NSF is supporting this conference and its mission to prevent foodborne illness and to protect consumers through new food safety education methods.

Agriculture and Conservation Groups Urge Vilsack to Move Forward with the 2010

Agriculture and Conservation Groups Urge Vilsack to Move Forward with the 2010  
Conservation Stewardship Program Sign Up

Washington, D.C. March 12, 2010 - Today, more than 100 family farm and conservation groups sent a letter to Agriculture Secretary Vilsack urging him to make critical improvements to the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) and initiate the 2010 sign up as soon as possible.