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Equipment Notebook - ATV

Spring chores generally go much smoother with a little help from an ATV. Here are some auction prices from 2009 that will give you an idea of the value of several different brands and types.

U.S. Bone-in Beef Returns To Taiwan

U.S. bone-in beef made a splashy return to Taiwan last week at a trade reception and products show for 80 guests representing importers, restaurateurs, retailers and the trade at the five-star Sherwood Taipei Hotel.

Funded by the Texas Beef Council, the beef checkoff and USDA Market Access Program (MAP) funds, the Feb. 25 event highlighted the versatility of U.S. beef, which was featured in Chinese-style dishes along with Thai-style chuck tender salad, braised chuck short ribs, baked garlic flavored bone-in short ribs and OP ribs.

Equipment Notebook-Farm Trucks

If the purchase or sale of a used truck is in your plan for 2010, these figures will give you an idea of the prices used farm trucks brought at auction during 2009.
    Quite a few 1960s GMC models were reported sold at auction in 2009. A 1961 GMC 3500 said to be in fair condition brought $1,000 at a September auction in Oklahoma. A 1962 GMC 4000 listed in good condition went for $1,600 in October 2009 in Indiana.
    A 1963 GMC 4000 said to be in poor condition brought $900 at a September 2009 auction in Nebraska. A 1968 GMC 5500 sold for $650 in October 2009 at a Minnesota auction.

USDA Addresses Veterinary Shortages with Education Loan Repayment Program

WASHINGTON  – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that USDA had taken the first step toward implementing a plan to address veterinary shortages throughout rural America by repaying the student loans of qualified veterinarians in return for their services in areas suffering from a lack of veterinarians.

"USDA can help ensure there is a first line of defense against animal diseases across the United States by placing qualified veterinarians in areas where there is a critical need," Vilsack said. "This program will help reduce veterinary shortages, especially in the area of food animal medicine, which will reduce stress on producers and improve the health of the livestock industry."

Equipment Notebook-Emergency Power Sources

Emergency power sources are more and more essential to farmers and a standby power generator is an excellent way to meet the need.

    Since many different options are available in generator models, a bit of research prior to purchasing a generator will help in deciding which type and model options are most suited to the farm.

Equipment Notebook-Grain Carts

By L. Sorensen  
If the purchase of a new or used grain cart is in your plans before harvest 2010, these sales figures will give you an idea of what your old cart should sell for (if you’re upgrading) or what you might expect to pay for a used one. They could also help you spot an auction sale bargain.
Kinze’s 1050 grain auger cart has a 1,050 bushel capacity and powerful auger system for unloading. The cart, featuring a 20” vertical auger encased in a 22” tube, empties in about 2.1 minutes, emptying at a rate of 500-600 bushels per minute.

MasterGrazeT BMR - Revolutionary Forage

Masters Choice Hybrids is mindful of feed costs; easily one of the largest expenses in livestock production. This knowledge has driven the Masters Choice Research and Development division to create an alternate route to lower feed costs for the farmer. Those efforts have resulted in revolutionizing specialty forage with high sugar levels that can be harvested in many versatile ways including grazing, haylage, or balage. MasterGrazeT BMR's extensive tiller network yields massive amounts of feed tonnage per acre compared to sorghum sudans and the Brown Mid Rib characteristics make the tonnage more digestible than other silage varieties.

Equipment Notebook - Antique Tractors

Antique tractors are on the move – not just in parades, shows and annual tractor rides. They’re being shuffled from one owner to the next on a regular basis. So what will it cost you if you decide you have to bring home that beauty that caught your eye in the last show or parade?

Prices in 2008 ranged from $125 to $162,500. As a rule, the older and more rare the tractor the higher the price. Some very collectable tractors have sold in 2009 for between $10,000 and $42,000 so there’s room at auction sales for all kinds of budgets. The most expensive antique tractor reported sold in 2008 was a 1920 John Deere N that went for $162,500. It sold in Wisconsin in June 2008.

EZid Announces Electronic Ear Tag for Cattle

EZid, a division of Avid Identification Systems, formally announces the U.S. release of their EZid HDX Electronic Ear Tag for cattle. The EZid ear tag provides accurate, cost effective RFID identification for use in feedlots, dairy parlors and cow/calf operations. The use of HDX technology delivers the industry’s longest read distance. And, unlike other tags on the market, the design of the EZid tag delivers maximum read performance from the side - - allowing for easier, faster scans when using handheld or stationary readers.

MU Researchers Help Identify Cows That Gain More While Eating Less

COLUMBIA, Mo. – With more than 2 million cows on 68,000 farms, Missouri is the third-largest beef producer in the nation. Due to rising feed prices, farmers are struggling to provide feed for the cows that contribute more than $1 billion to Missouri’s economy. University of Missouri researcher Monty Kerley, professor of animal nutrition in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is studying how cows might be able to gain more weight while consuming less, potentially saving farmers up to 40 percent of feed costs.