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American Cattlemen video directory contains various videos detailing cattle production and highlighting the cattlemen lifestyle.

The Vanishing Family Farm

The cast of National Geographic Channel's Family Beef are interviewed about the state of the family...

Montana Ranching: Raising Family and Beef (Part One)

Category: Ranching

Round 'em up and Move 'em out - Wrangling up the Family Beef in 2013

Cattle drives ain't what they used to be. On many farms and ranches, the horse has been replaced by...
Category: tv show

Border Collies Herding Cattle

Mac MacGregor's border collies herding cattle on a Florida ranch
Category: Herding Cattle

A Cowboy's Road

It's A Cowboys Road- lyrics/music by Jared HicksPhotography By: MemoryLaineCapturing the cowboy...
Category: Ranching Lifestyle


Category: Funny

Harney The Film - Raising Kids and Ranching

A short clip in the making of Harney, a documentary film about the lifestyle of cattlewomen in the...
Category: Ranching

Kansas Cattle Ranch: America's Heartland

Kansas has lots of beef "on the hoof". The Sunflower state is second only to Texas in raising...
Category: Ranching

Animal Behavior with Temple Grandin - Part 1

Austin Moore introduces us to livestock handling expert Temple Grandin and talks with her about her...
Category: Cattle Behavior

Lorenzen Red Angus

Lorenzen Ranches talking about his operation.
Category: Red Angus
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