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Supplemental Income - With the average beef producer having less then a hundred head of cattle, a supplemental income is often times necessary. Read on for some obvious, and not so obvious, options ranchers have to make an extra buck or two.
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Ranchers’ Guide to Custom Cattle Feeding - What advantages are there to sending cattle out to custom feedlots?
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Management of Imported Fire Ants in Cattle - Iowa State University provides information on Integrated Pest Management, appropriate control methods, cost of control, and tips to reduce the cost of fire a
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A Guide to Managing Pasture Water Water-quality problems caused by frequent gathering of cattle near streams and ponds can be controlled.  Iowa State University provides information on how to decide which practices are most appropriate for your operation.

Shoot-N-The Bull
Learn more about the Galloway Cattle breed and how they could fit into your livestock operation.

Product Review Looking for a Livestock Trailer but not sure which brand fits your needs best??  Look over our Product Review of 7 different Livestock Trailer Manufacturers.

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FFA - Past, Present & Future  Dr. Larry Case takes us on a memorable walk through the history of FFA and what steps the organization has taken to get to where it is today.

Cattle Carbon Footprint In 2006, a report by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization called Livestock's Long Shadow claimed domesticated livestock produces 18% of the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Animal scientists—and the FAO itself—have been trying to clean up the damage ever since.

Product Review Learn helpful information on 7 different brands of Manure Spreaders to help make you a more informed buyer.

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Health-Monitoring Software for Cattle  You already know that detailed record keeping is an integral part of keeping your cattle operation successful. But how do you decide what record keeping system will work for your specific operation? The experts, at Livestock Managers Software, give us a look at things to consider before purchasing.


Green Solutions  Photovlotaics  Have you ever thought about using solar energy on the ranch? Mark Fuqua with Advanced Power, Inc. and Robison Solar Systems explains how and why photovoltaics use has become a choice for  many ranchers.

May 2010 Issue

The Importance of Low Stress Cattle Handling

Green Solutions: Winds of Change on the Farm

Next Generation: Cattlemen & Politics

Shoot-n-the Bull: Next issue topic and press releases

April 2010 Issue

Herd Health: Growing Cattle on Pasture  In the current economic climate there are several producers that are trying to scale back on some of the costs associated with production. Dr. Bryan McMurry shows us how it is possible to, cut a little off the top and raise your cattle in the pasture and have a healthy bred.  

 Green Solutions: Ethanol Impact on Feed Prices  The RFA fills in many questions about how the process of making ethanol is done and how it affects the feed market. Learn what parts of the process also work to benefit parts of the feeding process.