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May 2011 Issue May 2011 Issue

p. 10 It’s a Dog’s World

By Steve Weisman
Steve Weisman tells us why a trusty canine is often considered the cattleman’s best friend.

p. 15 Farm Safety for Young Children

Courtesy of Iowa State University Extension

A quick-reference guide on how to protect your loved ones from injury on the farm.

p. 23 Product Review – Chutes

p. 30 Shoot-n-the Bull 

April 2011 Issue April 2011 Issue

Page 11 - Profit From Fencing

Page 19 - hat’s the Buzz on Fly Contro?

Page 23 - Reproductive Management - Monitoring Patterns of First

Page 27 - Product Review - Branding irons

Page 31 -  Shoot-n-the Bull

March 2011 Issue March 2011 Issue

p. 9 Corn for Biofuel Production

p. 18 Crossbreeding Beef Cattle

p. 23 Product Review – ATVs & UTVs

p. 34 Shoot-n-the Bull


February 2011 Issue February 2011 Issue
Page 10 - Avoiding Calving Problems
Page 15 - Ways to Reduce Stress in Cattle and Horses
Page 23 - Distillers Grains: The Name Means Little
Page 24 - Product Review - Mixer Wagons
Page 30 - Shoot-n-the Bull
January 2011 Issue January 2011 Issue
December 2010 Issue December 2010 Issue
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Supplemental Income - With the average beef producer having less then a hundred head of cattle, a supplemental income is often times necessary. Read on for some obvious, and not so obvious, options ranchers have to make an extra buck or two.
View October 2010 Issue October 2010 Issue
Ranchers’ Guide to Custom Cattle Feeding - What advantages are there to sending cattle out to custom feedlots?
View September 2010 Issue September 2010 Issue
Management of Imported Fire Ants in Cattle - Iowa State University provides information on Integrated Pest Management, appropriate control methods, cost of control, and tips to reduce the cost of fire a
View August 2010 Issue August 2010 Issue

A Guide to Managing Pasture Water Water-quality problems caused by frequent gathering of cattle near streams and ponds can be controlled.  Iowa State University provides information on how to decide which practices are most appropriate for your operation.

Shoot-N-The Bull
Learn more about the Galloway Cattle breed and how they could fit into your livestock operation.

Product Review Looking for a Livestock Trailer but not sure which brand fits your needs best??  Look over our Product Review of 7 different Livestock Trailer Manufacturers.