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FFA - Past, Present & Future  Dr. Larry Case takes us on a memorable walk through the history of FFA and what steps the organization has taken to get to where it is today.

Cattle Carbon Footprint In 2006, a report by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization called Livestock's Long Shadow claimed domesticated livestock produces 18% of the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Animal scientists—and the FAO itself—have been trying to clean up the damage ever since.

Product Review Learn helpful information on 7 different brands of Manure Spreaders to help make you a more informed buyer.

June 2010 Issue

Health-Monitoring Software for Cattle  You already know that detailed record keeping is an integral part of keeping your cattle operation successful. But how do you decide what record keeping system will work for your specific operation? The experts, at Livestock Managers Software, give us a look at things to consider before purchasing.


Green Solutions  Photovlotaics  Have you ever thought about using solar energy on the ranch? Mark Fuqua with Advanced Power, Inc. and Robison Solar Systems explains how and why photovoltaics use has become a choice for  many ranchers.

May 2010 Issue

The Importance of Low Stress Cattle Handling

Green Solutions: Winds of Change on the Farm

Next Generation: Cattlemen & Politics

Shoot-n-the Bull: Next issue topic and press releases

April 2010 Issue

Herd Health: Growing Cattle on Pasture  In the current economic climate there are several producers that are trying to scale back on some of the costs associated with production. Dr. Bryan McMurry shows us how it is possible to, cut a little off the top and raise your cattle in the pasture and have a healthy bred.  

 Green Solutions: Ethanol Impact on Feed Prices  The RFA fills in many questions about how the process of making ethanol is done and how it affects the feed market. Learn what parts of the process also work to benefit parts of the feeding process.

March 2010 Issue

Herd Health   Filling in the Gaps   Since the perfect forage doesn’t exist, read what Dr. Bryan McMurry and our friends at Cargill have to say about making it at least as perfect as we can. 

Green Solutions  Grass Fed Beef   Are there health benefits to eating meat from Grass Fed Beef? Yes, but what are they really? 

Next Generation  Choosing the Right Vet  Finding yourself in the need for a new veterinarian can be a worrisome predicament, especially for those of use who are very happy with the one we have or at least had.  The first step is figuring out what your specific needs are.

Shoot-n-the Bull  Next issue topics and press releases.

February 2010 Issue

Herd Health  So you Want to be a Vet  Learn from a former educator what it takes to be a vet, where the top vets schools are, and where the nation’s shortages are. Decide if this career is right for you. 


Green Solutions  Feed Additives  Discover the intricate combinations to keep your heard healthy. Learn the nutritional management of feeding the herd to ensure your herds health and growth.


Next Generation  The Future of Agricultural Education  Higher Education is a must for anyone continuing into the producer business. Learn what is essential when continuing your education.  


American Cattlemen January 2010 Issue January 2010 Issue

Herd Health
So Who Takes Care Of The Calf? Taking steps to take care of the cow ultimately is the best situation for taking care of the calf.
Green Solutions
Second Annual Project Liberty. Learn what new ideas POET is harnessing for cellulosic ethanol production. Could this be the future for a greener fuel alternative.
Next Generation Cattlemen
Find out what oppertunities are out there and where you might look to find more. The perfect opportunity for on the job training.
Shoot-N-The Bull

December 2009 Issue

Future of the Cattle Industry Changes are happening everywhere, will the future of the cattle industry be changing as well?
Continuing Your Education There are lots of ways to broaden your knowledge; here are a few we think you may be interested in.
Product Review Cattle Management Software New products make it easy for you to find, store and search information.

American Cattlemen November 2009- Beef Cattle Magazine November 2009 Issue

That Shrinking Feeling: With urban developments expanding, find out if you have to give up the farm so that the housing developments can build.

Farm Safety: Explore ways to help a cattle’s anxiety and ultimately your safety on the farm!

Cattle Equipment Review Farm Safety Systems: Plug n’ play options for securing your farm.

Cattle Equipment News: Tools and equipment for today’s cattlemen.

October 2009 Issue October 2009 Issue

Take Care of the Land and It Will Take Care of You

A Small Cattle Farmer

American Cattlemen Product Review

American Cattlemen Product Preview