AGI Wheatheart Post Pounders Offer Efficiency and Speed When You Need It Most

Published on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 4:09pm

 AGI Wheatheart Post Pounders Offer Efficiency and Speed When You Need It Most

 By Steve Weisman

 One of the most challenging and time-consuming projects for cattlemen is to establish new fencing or fix existing fencing. Simply put, it is a labor-intensive job. However, AGI Wheatheart Manufacturing ( is a game changer when it comes to installing fencing, offering a complete line of heavy duty fencing equipment designed to make the fencing process faster, safer and more efficient.


AGI Wheatheart is a market leader in the Western Canadian post pounder equipment markets with a rapidly growing market presence in the United States. AGI Wheatheart equipment is built with resilience and longevity in mind and can withstand the physical demands placed on today’s farming equipment.

The AGI Wheatheart post pounder handles both wood and steel posts. All AGI Wheatheart post pounders are completely hydraulic with easy to use joy stick control that lets the operator tilt the mast in four different directions to align the posts perfectly. Precisely precisioned so that there is minimal kickback and posts drive in faster and straighter. The hydraulically controlled post hugger, which comes standard, adds to safety and better alignment.

Jody Duclos, Product Manager for AGI Wheatheart Post Pounders, says, “We have a wide range of post pounders that will fit a range of needs. I think the key word is versatility that makes easier work of a tough job.”

Most popular of AGI Wheatheart’s post pounder is the Renegade and Renegade+ Trailer Models. The Renegade has a self-contained Honda engine with its own hydraulic system. The trailer mounted post pounder offers the convenience of towing posts with you. The telescoping hitch and telescoping mast and four-way tilt direction provide flexibility of working on uneven surfaces, allowing the operator to pound posts exactly where they should be. The Renegade features the following:

• Renegade mast raises up to 11’ 11” with 660 pounds of hammer pressure, while the Renegade+ raises up to 13’ 8” with 720 pounds of hammer pressure

• Bolt on hammerhead with several mounting positions to accommodate different post heights

• Great range of motion-in and out on the telescoping mast and hitch and four-way tilt

• The built-in level helps keep all posts balanced even if the terrain is rough and uneven

• Greaseless poly slides are low maintenance and worry-free

• Attached post bin holds and transports posts with the unit

• Standard hydraulic post hugger

Options include the following:

• Cast iron cones, square and T-post hugger

• Optional pilot auger drills holes in all soil conditions and most rock obstructions, making it easier to pound posts

Garry Oborowsky is from Grandora, Saskatchewan and builds fence for a living. He has been a loyal AGI Wheatheart customer for the past 21 years. Oborowsky says with a smile, “I go wherever the phone rings. I’ve pounded every style post-the straight ones and the crooked ones. I own two Renegades, and each post pounder probably has pounded a million and a half to two million posts with an average of 40 miles of posts each year. Have never had an issue with the machines.” 

Oborowsky sees the Renegade Post Pounder as very user friendly. He’s had a lot of different workers running the machine over the years and after a quarter mile or so, they are comfortable with the operation. As for longevity, Oborowsky notes, “It’s the only pounder I would ever buy. I can say I have a 1996 model and still am using it every day. It’s never ever worn out.”

Renegade Special Offer
Currently, AGI Wheatheart is offering a special rebate on Renegade Post Pounder models. A $1500 factory rebate is being offered to those customers who purchase a Renegade Post Pounder by August 31, 2019. "Our customers know AGI Wheatheart's Post Pounders make their lives easier, so we want to keep spreading the word about this hassle- and time-saving piece of equipment," Duclos shared. "This rebate is an opportunity to upgrade your fencing game and save - in more ways than one."


History and growth of AGI
Established in 1996, AGI is built upon the vision of founders Rob Stenson, Art Stenson and Gary Anderson, whose collective wisdom, values and entrepreneurial spirit continue to fuel AGI’s success today.

AGI is a thriving agricultural products and services company comprised of global, industry leading-brands, focusing both on products and producers that got the company started as well as on continued expansion into commercial solutions and systems that are part of the world’s food infrastructure. Today AGI operates across five business platforms: seed, fertilizer, grain, feed and food. AGI partners with customers on six continents: North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and South America.

At the same time, AGI provides products, services and solutions within seven business components: storage, structures, handling, process, controls, engineering and project management.