Behlen Country Offers Cattle Producers Cutting Edge Ranching Equipment

Published on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 4:19pm

Behlen Country Offers Cattle Producers Cutting Edge Ranching Equipment

 By Steve Weisman

 Recognized as the nation’s leading manufacturer of livestock and ranch equipment, Behlen Country (, headquartered in Columbus, NE, is the largest division of Behlen Mfg. Co., which provides quality steel products worldwide. Behlen Country products include gates, corral panels, wire mesh fencing, bale feeders, cattle management systems, feed bunks, horse stalls, dog kennels, steel and poly stock tanks, energy free and electric waterers and 3-point equipment. With all products built with an emphasis on quality, Behlen Country’s features an ISO 9001 Quality certification since 1999, providing a baseline by which customers develop confidence that they will receive the highest product quality and reliability.

The importance of water
Cattle producers realize the importance of an ample supply of good drinking water for their herd. During both intense heat and bone chilling cold, cattle need to be hydrated and producers need to know that their cattle will always have a constant source of water. It is here that Behlen Country stands at the forefront by providing quality waterers.

Behlen Country carries a large variety of steel and poly tanks for watering. Ten models of Galvanized Round-End Tanks and nine models of Galvanized Round Stock Tanks are ideal for a wide range of livestock watering needs. Built to endure the most severe farm and ranch conditions, the corrosion resistant, heavy, shiny, zinc coating protects against extreme weather conditions. The rigid sidewalls have both ribs and corrugations for maximum strength. Made with extra-heavy (20 ga.) galvanized tank bottoms and each tank has a heavy, reinforced steel tube rolled into the top lip for added strength and durability.

In addition, Behlen Country offers several lines of poly tanks. Poly Round End Stock Tanks have a durable, seamless design to resist breakage. All round-end tanks have an extra heavy duty, molded rim and an extra-deep sidewall rib design for additional strength. A Heavy Duty molded in aluminum drain fitting and 1¼” poly drain plug ensure a long life. All Poly tanks made with FDA food-grade approved poly, tested to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, corrosion-free, impact resistant and recyclable. A premium, UV Protection assures long life and resistance to color fade in outdoor use.

At the same time, the Poly Round stock tank has a durable seamless design that resists breakage. Round tanks have a “formed open” rim and a heavy duty, molded-in aluminum drain fitting and 1¼” poly drain plug to ensure a long life. All poly tanks made with FDA food-grade approved poly, tested to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, corrosion-free, impact resistant and recyclable.

Two cattle waterers that handle the cold:

So, what happens in the winter? Greg Eickmeier, Regional sales Manager, says Behlen Country has two types of waterers that handle different degrees of cold. “First we have the Energy Free models that rely on animals drinking to prevent freezing in extreme cold weather. The second are our electric waterers. These use an energy/electrical source to power an infared heating pad and work great in extreme winter conditions regardless of the number of animals drinking from them. Both the Energy Free and Electric Behlen Country waterers are top of the line and meet the needs of cattle producers in areas where cold occurs with a five-year limited warranty on the body and one-year limited warranty on valves and controls.

Energy-Free Waterers:
The energy free waterers need no electrical source. They have a valve and ball float that draws warm ground water as animals drink and rotate the cold water, preventing freezing. It requires half the pressure of competitors’ float balls, so even calves can drink easily.

• Designed for heavy cattle use in extremely cold temperatures. Tested at -20 degrees Fahrenheit for 48 hours without freezing with no animals drinking. Rim design helps keep float balls free of ice buildup. Extra-thick 4” urethane insulation.

• Built in hold downs

• Non-siphoning BL water valve features fast, consistent fill, use with pressure lines from 0-55 p.s.i. with an additional pressure regulator required for pressures above 55 p.s.i.

• Removable drain plugs and accessible covers

• Fully assembled, ready to install

To ensure proper operation in cold weather, it is recommended that each unit be installed with the Poly Earth Tube (purchased separately)
After last winter’s harsh winter, Tim and Emily Hines of Coon Foot Farms have this to say, “Regarding the Behlen Super 4 drinker. This past winter we had an entire week with temperatures in the negative double digits. Our Super 4 is on a hill with no wind break. Twice a day we checked on the Super 4. It never froze over. We couldn't be more pleased with this product. We are ready to install more! Thank you and have a good day.”


Electric Waterers
An electrical source is needed to keep the water open in extreme cold weather. The one-piece, heavily insulated, poly design of these models is rust and corrosion free and easy to install and maintain. Thick Styrofoam floor keeps the frost line below the waterer. The Extreme Weather model contains extra thick urethane in the walls to provide over four times the insulation of competitors’ models (tested to -20 degrees Fahrenheit). Infrared heat pads are located directly under the water trough of all models and are totally isolated from the animal to prevent danger from shock. 

Ryan Ruether, a cattle producer from Staplehurst, NE says, “The insulation in these waterers are great, and they are the most energy efficient waterers I’ve come across.  I have nine Behlen Country waterers on my place. They’re very easy to install and work on when necessary.”

Hometown Values
Eickmeier can attest to the popularity of Behlen Country products. “We place a major emphasis on quality and customer service. We currently service 2,500 store fronts across the United States. Our dealer network is extremely important to both Behlen Country and our customers. To find a local dealer, go to our website and click on the link-Dealer Locator.

One dealer expressed appreciation, “We really appreciate all their efforts to get our orders turned around quickly. We had a huge increase in sales the end of the month and needed to get replenished quickly before the weekend sales for our next ad started. I asked them to see if they could get the orders to ship so that they would deliver before the Weekend of the ad, and they came through for us again!!"

Behlen Country has a full team of customer service representatives to help both dealers and end users.  “We are committed to our customers and building long-lasting relationships with them” says Eickmeier.