BRC: A New Generation of Brahman Excellence

Published on Wed, 02/24/2021 - 1:12pm

BRC: A New Generation of Brahman Excellence.

 By Michelle Bufkin Horton.

 While B.R. Cutrer, Inc. may be a relatively new entity, experience with Brahman cattle is not new to owners Brandon and Rachel Cutrer. The young couple has built an internationally recognized ranch and multiple other businesses through innovation and teamwork.

BRC is located in Boling, Texas and home to 350 head of the world’s finest Brahman cattle. Each year, thousands of ranchers are drawn to this tiny Texas town to invest in the Cutrer’s elite cattle. In 2020 alone, over 400 ranchers from 18 different countries trusted BRC for their cattle purchases.

When hearing this story, one might think this is a ranch that’s been around for centuries. But, the Cutrer’s started building their operation in 2010 - without inheriting any land or cattle - something that is inspiring lots of new (and old) ranchers.

“We built little by little through a game plan, budgeting, mentors who helped us, and God’s grace,” said Brandon. “And, we’re still building. We know what it’s like to start from scratch and that’s one of the reasons we’re so driven to help others in the cattle business.”

BRC has quickly become the most sought-after source for Brahman seedstock. Their heifers are sold off a waiting list at weaning age, and their bulls are usually sold within days of each new group passing fertility tests and being announced on Facebook.

Brandon thinks this demand is due to the cattle’s overall quality and the fact that it’s easy to do business with BRC. 

“We’re raising cattle that are practical, easy to maintain, easy to handle, and allow our customers to make a return on their investment,” said Brandon. “I like to call them user-friendly cattle,” he adds.

“We’re also raising Brahmans that are in line with the beef industry in terms of frame size, disposition, fertility, and soundness,” Brandon said. “We’re breeding a new generation of Brahman here at BRC.”

But raising the stakes in an already great foundation takes effort. Through a strategic partnership with Zoetis, BRC is the first and only Brahman breeder in the U.S. using genomics. They use Zoetis GE-EPDs to make faster strides in improving performance, reducing birth weights, and improving marbling and tenderness. The Cutrer’s also operate Brahman Country Beef, the USA’s first 100% Brahman beef company.

While the BRC cattle speak for themselves, Rachel feels it takes more than great cattle to be a success in the seedstock business.

“There are a lot of ranchers who say the secret to success is in their herd bulls, and we get that, because we have some of the world’s best Brahman bulls at BRC,” Rachel said. “And then some say the same for cow power, and we get that too, because I think we have the strongest modern cow base of the breed right now.”

“But, while that is important, what it truly takes to be successful is the fire in the hearts of the breeder,” she said. “It takes a 24/7 commitment to breeding, a vision for not just today but ten years down the road, and most importantly, integrity. That’s why so many people trust BRC –we have great cattle and we treat people right.”

The Cutrer’s dedication to innovation and helping others positions them as the leading seedstock operation in the USA. Together, they’re building the new generation of Brahman – and a brand that means something in the cattle industry and beyond. To learn more, visit