Cattle Chutes

Published on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 12:35pm

The Cattlemaster 1100 M (manual) Chute from StrongHold Mfg. is the first ever manually operated, hydraulically squeezed chute available. Its unique design actually increases squeeze force 9 to 1, making it the one of the safest handling devices for cattle by providing a more secure hold, with vertical sides, (no taper) and squeezes perfectly parallel, with no fore or aft movement, from a wide 30” to a narrow sub-12” with no adjustments. Also new are the removable and infinitely adjustable vertical restraining bars on the inside that allow an operator to open one or both side doors and safely hold the animal in the chute even when squeezed.

The 1100 M also incorporates StrongHold’s signature “wheel ready” concept. Each chute is built to accept 2 wheels, a hitch and a jack with no bolting required. Extensive use of replaceable, machined nylon and laser precision cut components makes the 1100 M one of the quietest chutes offered. The Palpation doors have been latched to the squeeze sides to create a funnel effect when the chute is narrowed, and like other StrongHold products the standard manual head gate is operable from the rear as well as front.
Stronghold Manufacturing
PO Box 364 Clarion, IA 50525

Titan West

Titan West’s portable 10’ crowd tubs, located at the end of their working chutes for your convenience, allow you to fold and unfold from legal road width to working your cattle in 10 minutes with two hand-operated winches.  The portable tubs are available with either a single or twin alleys attached to the tub - both are adjustable for working small calves all the way up to bulls. Titan West uses galvaneal sheets to enclose the tub and alley so the animals won’t be distracted by what’s going on outside.

Both Titan West manual or hydraulic cattleman chute can be placed on the front of the portable tubs.  Both chutes feature a double squeeze, side exits and the company’s rumber™ floor.  The manual chute is equipped with either a manual or automatic headgate - the manual headgate allows for Titan West’s manual neck extender to be used to hold the animal’s head in front for neck vaccinations and features the company’s patented hydraulic neck extender and head gate standard with the hydraulic cattleman chute as well as a hydraulic center squeeze and optional split hydraulic tailgate.
Titan West Inc.
PO Box 8 • 203 5th Street
Linn, KS 66953


For-Most’s philosophy of designing equipment that is safe, durable and easy to use continues today.  For-Most is still a family owned business and the products are manufactured with good old-fashioned midwestern work ethics and values. The company powder coats all its equipment to ensure it will last for generations to come – after all, cattle handling equipment is not a commodity and should not be purchased based on price alone.  For-Most’s opinion is that value is a combination of performance, durability, and price. 

A few of the features For-Most provides to give you is good value in their working chutes including heavy duty corral panels, gates and feeders, models with automatic, manual, and hydraulic head gates, as well as a neck access door kit for selected squeeze chutes. There are also portable tub and alleyway combinations as well as calving equipment (round and square pens and calf tables), and manual and hydraulic squeeze chutes with many different options for every application. Additionally For-Most offers crowding tubs that come with fully adjustable double and single alleyways for different-sized animals, complete with customizable grills and overhead alley stops. Last but not least, they also can provide Tru-Test scales for squeeze chutes and alleyway applications.
For-Most Livestock Equipment
127 10th Street
Hawarden, IA 51023

Hiqual - Extended hydraulic squeeze chute

In the company’s own words, Hiqual’s Extended Hydraulic Squeeze Chute is ‘designed to provide quality, strength and features demanded by the largest feedlots at a price the average rancher can afford.” Hiqual does their best to live up to this design by providing safety features like a hydraulically activated neck extender and a built-in palpation door that allows an operator to enter the chute behind the animal. The side opposite of the operator can also be fully opened in case of an emergency, the hydraulic controls found on the chute include a pressure relief valve for animal safety, and self-latching drop tubes are included for easy and safe access during branding and pouring.

For convenience, the chute’s width can be adjusted hydraulically (this also provides a safer and more effective squeeze) and the hydraulic cylinder is located in the center of the squeeze gate. The Extended Hydraulic Squeeze Chute also comes with 25-foot hydraulic hoses (with optional power unit) as well as a drop door frame made of 1.5”sq 16 gauge tubing, side boards that fold down to allow safe and lower access to an animal, and even veterinary bag hangars on the lever side.
Hiqual Engineered Structures Ltd.
399 Ravenhurst Street
Winnipeg, MB R2C 5K3

Moly Manufacturing  - SILENCER™

SILENCER™ Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes from Moly Manufacturing feature patented low-pressure, complete-opening action head and tail doors, 130–point Noise Reduction System, blinder louvers, and 16 inches of extra neck access per side gate for precision vaccination placement. The SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Chute design is proven to promote a calmer, quieter, and more efficient operation, focused on a less stressful environment for the livestock and the chute operator. Iowa State University Extension Beef Specialist D. Busby’s study as published in the 2010 AABP proceedings confirms, “The Total Staff time per head was significantly less when using the SILENCER Chute compared to the other manual and hydraulic chutes.”

The remote controlled TurretGate requires only 1 person to operate and calmly move cattle through the entire Moly System: TurretGate, circular fencing, dual alley, single alley, transition, SILENCER Chute and hydraulic loading chute. You can work more cattle in less area, with fewer steps, and with less effort with TurretGate, and the easy to use remote control helps keep you out of high impact areas; the system moves the animals for you.
Moly Manufacturing, Inc.
2435 10th Road •  PO Box 80
Lorraine, KS 67459

Powder River - HERDMaster™

Powder River built their first all-steel squeeze chute in the 1940s and continues to manufacture head and squeeze gates today. These chutes are designed to stand up to the toughest of conditions Mother Nature can provide - if used for their intended purpose and properly maintained, your Powder River chutes and head gates should last 30-40 years. Besides being tough, these chutes are also versatile - they’re able to handle bulls, large cows, and even calves if necessary.

The new HERDMaster™ features innovative designs in working ergonomics, operator and animal safety, and the ability of the rancher to do more with less effort. The curtain style head gate is designed for secure catches and smooth exits and the Semi-Automatic mode gives the operator further control when working animals alone. Split stanchion covers over clean lines and durable urethane yokes adjust quickly for any animal height and the new load Assisted Tailgate lets you control traffic with the flick of your wrist.
Powder River
PO Box 50758
Provo, UT 84605