DigitalBeef CowCalf Manager

Published on Wed, 01/27/2021 - 11:57am

DigitalBeef CowCalf Manager: The Herd Management Tool you can’t live without. 

 Article provided by DigitalBeef.

 As a former beef breed association executive, Dr. Joseph Massey realized that cattle associations needed a registration program to address new evolving needs, including tracking Genomic-enhanced EPDs, genetic defects and real-time transactions. In 2013, he recruited Jim Bulger, their lead developer, and together they formed DigitalBeef.

After years of growing their registry business, Dr. Massey, a cattle producer himself, realized there was a need for a herd management product that was geared towards registered and performance-driven commercial producers. As a result, Dr. Massey recruited his daughter, Jaye, to build a team to tackle this need.

Jaye has spent the last few years working with seedstock cattle producers to understand what they were looking for in a herd management product. After many months of research, DigitalBeef CowCalf Manager was built with the understanding that every producer needs a flexible product that can address each producer’s unique business goals.

CowCalf Manager is designed to help track and manage semen and embryo collections and transfers all the way through birth while providing very detailed timelines along the way. The product also creates exposure records through pasture movements so you can understand all of your single and multi-sire exposure periods to more accurately drill down on expected calving dates and possible sires.

A unique feature that CowCalf Manager provides is WorkCarts which helps set up the tasks you plan to perform while working cattle. These tasks include things such as pregnancy checks, administer health treatments, collect weaning records, record mature animal measurements and more. This feature is particularly helpful because it can be set up ahead of time in order to be available when you are ready to work your cattle chuteside.

DigitalBeef is a family owned and operated business that truly values the client experience. We understand that setting up your first herd management product or shifting to a new one can be a daunting task, so we take great pride in creating an accommodating and user-friendly experience. Jaye works closely with each new user to assure the onboarding process is stress-free and seamless. A few notes from our clients.

Rosanne Sralla, a long-time client of CowCalf says “I manage cattle records of 1900+ head of cattle for Williams Ranch Co. I would not be able to do this without the CowCalf program. It is easy to use and I love the fact that I can pull up an animal profile and see everything from pasture movements, breedings, progeny, health treatments, expenses and more. The team at DigitalBeef are very knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help with whatever I need.”

Anita Smith, who works with the Vineyard Cattle Company says “I love working with the CowCalf program. Whenever Dr. Vineyard asks about a certain animal, all I have to do is enter the PH# to know where that animal is located, if it’s been sold, died, etc. This saves me a lot of time without having to dig through old records. Another one of my favorite features is the breeding/semen information. When I enter an AI breeding,the semen inventory is automatically updated so we know exactly how much semen we have without having to manually update our records. Working with Jaye and the DigitalBeef Team has been amazing.  Anytime I have a problem or just a question, they do not hesitate to find out the solution or answer for me. I would definitely recommend DigitalBeef for any cattle operation.”

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