Fall Fencing Repairs

Published on Wed, 07/01/2020 - 9:58am

Fall Fencing Repairs

 Article provided by Stockade (a division of ITW).

 Unleash the value of Fall fencing
While repairs are an all-year-round fencing activity for Sloop Fencing, well-planned Fall fencing repair and maintenance is ideal.

Agricultural fencing contractor, from Mt Ulla, North Carolina, Ryan Sloop explains Fall fencing can have significant benefits for the individual fencing contractor, the business and the customer.

“Fall is a great time for routine fence repair and maintenance as far as vegetation goes — and that improves the safety of the people who work for me because they are working in a clean, clear environment.”

“For our customers, scheduling fencing repairs and maintenance in the Fall may be more affordable and convenient, and regularly clearing fence lines can have the unexpected bonus of uncovering more useable pasture in which is easier to maintain.”

“For our business, adding regularly-scheduled Fall repairs and maintenance to our customer offer is a big saving.  We have more positive customer contact points which can spread the upfront cost of customer acquisition and improve our customer retention. Fall repairs and maintenance also extends our workload over a season when things are a little slower and easier.”

“Fencing is physically demanding enough without battling the clutter of vegetation. Day-in, day-out, simple movements of pulling, twisting, bending and banging take a toll on bodies – which are not as easily-repaired as a fence or tool. Without the right fencing equipment your risk to life and limb is significantly higher.”

“We find we can spend as much time fighting the vegetation, overgrowth, trees, poison ivy as we do fixing fence. Fall is a really good time to clear away that vegetation: leaves start coming off trees, trees are dormant in the winter and you get the healthy regrowth in the spring.”

“As for fixing fence, my goal is to retire with extremely worn out equipment and a body that is not.  For us that means ST400i is a non-negotiable piece of equipment. We carry the ST400i down the fence line with us and staple as we go; and the Staplemate, the staple removal tool, is always in reach. We are shooting to wear out metal not bones.”

Stockade’s ST400i post stapler takes away the impact stress from repetitive manual hammering and fastening.  The Staplemate performs above its class to take the strain to remove staples and let you work one-handed with ease.

To reduce strain on your body this Fall, get your repairs done efficiently with the ST400i and Staplemate.

Five Benefits of Fall fencing  
• Extends lifetime of existing fences

• An ideal time to safely tackle vegetation while maintaining the health of trees

• Improves the safety of contractors by spreading the workload and working in clean, clear environments

• Increases regular customer contact, drives customer retention and spreads the cost of acquisition

• May uncover the unexpected bonus of more useable land.

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