Finding Opportunities while Adapting to Change

Published on Wed, 05/06/2020 - 2:42pm

Finding Opportunities while Adapting to Change.

 By Aleeya Laureola.

 When a global pandemic happens, it is perfectly normal for anyone to become anxious about what the future has in store. These are unprecedented times that require everyone to be more cautious in all aspects for the coming months. However, in situations like these, there is always a brighter side.  
Instead of looking at the current situation as full of new challenges, you should make the most out of this time and find opportunities where you can succeed. Those who are forward thinkers will agree that this is not a time to be complacent. Only the ones who truly want to progress further will have the gall to seek and conquer every opportunity available during this unpredictable time.
    There is no simple answer to how you can spot opportunities during a crisis, but you can start by looking at your current circumstances. Find ways to make the most out of the resources you have. A universal concern that many businesses are facing is if they will be earning enough revenue to continue running. Will your operation make enough to sustain the costs? Take advantage of the slow pace we are experiencing to reevaluate your budget.

Finding Extra Help
Farm and ranch hands are your extra help on the ranch. On average, a ranch hand makes approx. $25,000 per year.  Typically, ranchers search for extra help by word of mouth. Seasoned ranch hands charge a premium for their previous work experience. The more common candidates for a ranch hand would be a friend’s teenage son, entry-level laborers, or even migrant workers that would all need dedicated time to train on their skills and routines – adding yet another cost to the rancher.  
    Many ranchers have come to depend on the reliability of migrant workers on a yearly basis.  They often have a background in agriculture and have had experience working on a ranch operation. Due to Covid-19, the government has suspended the issuance of work visas to immigrants who wish to find employment in the United States. With the suspension of work visas and unpredictable travel restrictions, ranchers are faced with yet another systematic setback this year. Understanding that farms have been designated a critical business during these times, ranchers have to persevere and find other solutions.

Maximizing Resources
Despite current events, the demand for beef is still consistent. If you had to, or will have to, reduce staff this year, the best way to overcome this is to maximize your resources. There are plenty of opportunities to be more efficient without needing an extra set of hands. All it takes is attention to detail in order to find them.  
    Look at your cattle handling system and compare these with set ups for the same herd size. Can other layouts perform the same task quicker than your existing design, even with less people involved? Are there any equipment upgrades that boost your efficiency? These are questions that you should ask yourself. Another option is to reach out to livestock handling experts for ideas on how to improve cattle flow. You might be surprised at how moving a few panels could save you more time. A cattle handling system not designed for solo operation makes handling cattle difficult when the help is limited. Have you found yourself in this situation lately?   
    Do your research and crunch the numbers to identify your best options. Compare the cost of upgrading your handling system components to the expenses associated with hiring additional help. While doing so, keep in mind that equipment will be paid off after a certain amount of time, and that you have an option to resell. 


Opportunities for Growth
Opportunities are ripe for the taking if you know where to find them. For example: If you have an existing budget for a ranch hand but cannot hire one due to present circumstances, consider investing it on your handling system instead. This is highly recommended especially for those who must adjust to working alone as their new norm. Making your system easier to work as a solo operator will help you do more, while saving time and money.  
    If you work with family or staff, investing in your team is just as important as investing in proper equipment. Find different ways you and your team can continue to be better cattle handlers. This might even be the perfect opportunity for you to expand while helping another rancher out by purchasing his cattle at a good price.  
    Every setback provides an opportunity for development. If you first think this idea is ludicrous, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Investing in quality equipment that can help you achieve more will pay off over time. You will find that improving your handling system will enable you to work more head of cattle at a time, which entails you to work more cattle in a day.  
    Making big decisions at a time like this is never easy. However, the longer you sit and wait, the more likely it is for you to become a statistic of an unprecedented time. The world will always need beef, and ranchers will always be here. The question is, will you continue to be one of them?

Moving Forward, Together
You don’t have to make the big decisions alone. Any company that is worth working with will only have your best interests in mind. While most cattle equipment manufacturers have shut down due to Covid-19, Arrowquip has kept their doors open to provide support and innovative solutions for ranchers to adapt during these trying times.  
    You might be wondering what Arrowquip has been up to lately. The short answer is they have been quite busy. The company has just released 3 NEW affordable cattle chutes that did not exist prior to Covid-19 – the Q-Catch 74 Series standard model (no vet cage) and the Q-Power 104 Series deluxe & standard models. The new additions to the 400 Series line of cattle chutes provides ranchers with more affordable solutions in order to keep moving forward despite the current challenges.
    To provide even more support for ranchers seeking handling solutions, Arrowquip has stepped up their team of cattle handling specialists to ensure that every rancher in their community is taken care of. When it comes to custom handling systems, Arrowquip specialists will listen to your needs and provide you with layouts that use various design concepts to improve cattle flow without needing extra help. You can also work with them to apply for direct farm equipment financing, and to plan out possible expansions for the future. From design mockups to installing the equipment, the Arrowquip team will gladly do all the grunt work for you.  
    With over 30 years of service to cattle ranchers all over the globe, Arrowquip can help you discover opportunities for growth in the midst of challenging times. Let’s work cattle together. Visit to learn more.

“I went on the website, contacted Arrowquip directly and worked with Ryan on the layout. I told him what I was looking to do and sent him some sketches. He drew it up then we went back and forth through different drafts to come up with a system that would work the way I wanted it to and that would best fit our needs. He even went out to the yard and took some videos for me and showed me how different things worked so I could decide on what I felt would work best. I think we pieced together several different ideas to try and make something that would work really good. I then took that layout and built a shed around it so that I could fit everything. Ryan was going to come and help set it all up but with all the Covid-19 issues, we weren’t really able to do that. Instead, Ryan facetimed my guys while we were working on getting everything set up. We did our best but hopefully, when things get going a little better, Ryan says he’d like to visit to check it out. I’ve worked with Priefert probably more than any other brand. Arrowquip’s panels are built well. I’ve used a lot of the Priefert panels before, and I like the connection point on the Arrowquip panels more than the chains that I’ve used on the Priefert’s. Arrowquip’s panels seem a little stouter too. I’m pleased with them so far.”

- Todd Hodges, North Carolina