Flaxoil - Give Your cattle Dog The Nutrition Boost He Demands

Published on Thu, 03/31/2022 - 11:48am

Flaxoil - Give Your cattle Dog The Nutrition Boost He Demands.

 By Sandy Christensen.

 Today’s cattle dogs work and play hard. Their diet means the difference between how well they perform in the field and how long they will be at your side as your faithful friend and companion. Don’t deny them the boost that can make all that HAPPEN!

What if there was ONE thing you could do that was NOT too much? In other words, it was very SIMPLE!!

Sammy’s Shiny Coat is that SIMPLE! It is a dietary supplement that contains NO fillers and is 100 percent virgin flax oil. There are no additives. It is cold-pressed at Stengel Oils, a family-owned, processing plant/business located in Milbank, South Dakota, the heart of the nation’s flax production area.    

The major reason Sammy’s Shiny Coat is an excellent dietary supplement is the Omega-3s it provides to your dog’s diet. Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) allow cells to function efficiently and are building vitamins and minerals throughout the body.

Dogs need up to 10 times more oil than humans to achieve a balanced diet. Most dogs lack the correct amount of fat in their diet because the fats are incompatible with the production of processed DOG/PET food. These fats are replaced by soybean oil instead. And if you think your dog food already has Omega-3s in it, read the ingredient list again. A common pet food ingredient is fish oil or meal which only contains approximately 30 percent Omega-3s. That is NOT an adequate amount of Omega-3s for your dog. By adding flax oil to the diet, (Sammy’s Shiny Coat contains 55-60% Omega-3s), your dog will receive an excellent source of Omega-3s for all of his/her needs. 

There are a wide scope of health issues of which flax oil/Sammy’s Shiny Coat may impact your dog/pet. Again, Sammy’s Shiny Coat is 100 percent flax oil and high in Omega-3s. These Omega-3s are a type of polyunsaturated fat, responsible for basic cellular health in ALL body tissue, but unfortunately are not produced by the body. They MUST be added through your pet’s diet. By drizzling one half teaspoon of Shiny Coat on top of a dog’s daily food, you are assuring he/she is receiving all the Omega-3s needed for that day.   

“You don’t have to change their initial diet or how much of what they are eating,” said Cal Stengel, Stengel Oils president. “It is a simple top dressing and the pet is getting the benefits of the Omega-3s from that right along with eating their regular meal.”

An animal’s health impact varies with each one, as in humans. Aging and extremely active dogs, such as hunting/cattle dogs who are subject to the elements year after year, may benefit more. Also, those animals that suffer from excessive allergies will benefit. The following are only SOME of the health issues dogs have had in which flax oil/Sammy’s Shiny Coat have shown a positive impact:
*Suppress auto immune disorders, allergies and some unusual skin conditions
*Clears excessive dry/flaky skin and shedding
*Slows and reduces inflammation from arthritis
*Helps prevent heart conditions
*Slows the development and spread of certain cancers

As noted earlier, the amount drizzled on top of the dog’s food should be one half teaspoon for every 10 pounds of dog weight. Using Sammy’s Shiny Coat, costing 10 cents per half teaspoon, means a person is able to supplement food (one feeding) for a dog weighing 30 pounds at a cost of only thirty cents per day; a supplement that has the potential of aiding all the afore mentioned health issues.   

Sammy’s Shiny Coat does NOT need to be refrigerated but doing so does prolong its shelf life. If bought in larger quantities, it is also able to be frozen. Sizes available include 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 Gal. and 5 Gal. Cubit.

Sammy’s Shiny Coat may be purchased by calling Stengel Oils at 605-432-4900 or accessing the company’s website, www.stengeloils.com. Credit cards and Pay Pal accepted. Orders are shipped the next day.