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Published on Fri, 07/27/2018 - 8:49am

 After 25 years, the groundbreaking Oz Autogate is finally available in the United States.
 The Oz Autogate is now available in the United States after a 25-year wait, sold exclusively by Double H Products.

 Article and Photos courtesy of Double H Products
In 1993 the Oz Autogate was introduced to the Australian market and revolutionized the industry. It quickly became a replacement for cattle guards, and 25 years later, is still the gate of choice for Australian ranchers and property owners, alike. One of the unique features of the gate is that it requires no power to work, while also allowing the driver to stay inside the vehicle when entering or exiting the property. The gates were built to last in the tough Australian Outback using high quality steel with a galvanized finish, giving them a reputation of durability.

The Oz Autogate is simple to use. There is a ramp on each side, and the vehicle simply drives the front wheel on the ramp, which causes the gate to rise. Once the gate is fully raised, the car can drive through, and then it will immediately begin closing once the car passes. Within fifteen seconds after the car passes through, the gate will be fully closed.
For 25 years the Oz Autogate has grown in popularity in Australia leaving farmers, and property owners all over the United States anxious for their chance to own one.
One of the company’s Facebook followers, Dusten Persons stated in October 2016, “Please ship this to USA we need these in Texas really bad.” Another follower, Dan Fuchs stated, “Wish I knew where to get this in Texas I could get rid of a few cattle guards.” These comments requesting the gate’s availability in the United States were among thousands that the Australian company received.

After a long wait, the Oz Autogate is now available in the United States, sold exclusively by Double H Products. Anyone in the United States or Canada can now go to the Double H Products website and purchase the Oz Autogate and have it shipped to the destination of their choice. This groundbreaking product is safer for livestock than using standard cattle guard, requires absolutely no power to work and makes it possible for drivers to stay in their car when entering or exiting the property.
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