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Published on Wed, 05/03/2017 - 8:43am

Antibiotic Alternative for Cattle Now Available to Canadian Veterinarians
Article courtesy of NovaVive Inc.

NovaVive Inc., a Canadian immunobiology company, today announced that its cattle immunotherapeutic – Amplimune™ - is now available to Canadian veterinarians. The product recently received approval from the Canadian regulatory authority (CFIA). The product is also approved for sale in the U.S.
Amplimune is a potent immunomodulator that reduces the clinical signs and mortality associated with E. coli K99 diarrhea in neonatal calves. The product is an emulsion of mycobacterium cell wall fractions (MCWF) that enhances innate immunity to fight bacterial infections without the use of antibiotics. The product can be administered by intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.
Veterinarians and cattle producers are under increasing pressure to reduce antibiotic therapies used in animals, particularly food producing animals like cattle. E. coli diarrhea in calves is typically treated with antibiotics.
There is a growing concern in Canada and globally about the dramatic increase of antibiotic resistance. In animals, this has primarily resulted from the indiscriminate use or overuse of antibiotics as preventative therapies or growth promoters. “The development of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in animals can pose serious risks to human health when they are transmitted as food-borne or water-borne contaminants. Antimicrobial-resistant infections are associated with a greater risk of death, more complex illnesses, longer hospital stays and higher treatment costs.” (Health Canada)
“There is a growing need for effective antibiotic alternatives,” said Graeme McRae, President of NovaVive Inc.
“Products like Amplimune that activate the body’s innate immune system to fight infection and disease are one such alternative. We are excited to be taking this proactive step to help Canadian cattle producers curb antibiotic use in their herds, and we look forward to working with producers and veterinarians to assess additional cattle diseases where antibiotic alternatives are needed.”
There are approximately 960,000 dairy cattle and approximately 3.8 million beef cattle in Canada (producing 3.9 million calves per year) (Statistics Canada).

About NovaVive Inc.
NovaVive is a private company founded in July, 2014. The Company has an advanced veterinary immunotherapeutic platform based on mycobacterium cell wall fraction technology with 4 regulator-approved products. Certain formulations have demonstrated the capability of reducing the reliance on antibiotics in the treatment of diseases of horses and cattle. Other formulations have been developed as anticancer therapies in dogs and horses and as a respiratory disease treatment for horses. The Company’s development plan is to identify additional livestock and companion animal diseases that may be effectively treated with its immunotherapeutic technology platform. For more information about the Company, please visit 

Krone® Introduces New Generation of Disc Mowers
Courtesy of Krone®

For over 40 years, Krone has been building the highest-quality equipment—and gaining the trust—of North American farmers. It began with the Krone disc mowers, which farmers quickly realized could be trusted to deliver a level of quality cutting they had not experienced before.
Now Krone introduces the ActiveMow R and EasyCut R 3-point hitch mowers, offering cutting edge design, unmatched durability, and more efficient cutting from an elite new generation of disc mowers.
 “These new disc mowers combine the durability and reliability of our trusted line of current disc mowers, while adding new enhancements that our customers have asked for,” said Jody McRee, Krone Sales Operation Manager. “Building on the reputation of our trusted AM and EasyCut mowers as being ‘bullet proof machines,’ these new models are just as reliable, while raising the bar for improved productive cutting in the field.”

What are hay and forage growers saying about these new Krone disc mowers?
We talked with Alan and Warren Flake, who run a family cattle and haying operation outside Philadelphia, Mississippi. The Flake brothers had a chance to run a new Krone ActiveMow R disc mower last fall.
About Krone Quick-Change blades, which simplifies changing blades: “We really like the simplicity. It’s a lot easier to change the blades. And there are no tools required other than the lever that came with the mower,” says Alan.
 About Krone’s exclusive No-Inner-Shoe design: “The Krone mower doesn’t have as much drag on the tractor, improving fuel efficiency and it cuts better, laying the hay out better so it can dry quicker,” says Alan.
 About the exclusive Krone direct drive system, which delivers reliable power to the SmartCut cutterbar, using NO belts: Alan says, “Krone mowers are easy to maintain, and last a very long time. It has very good wear components, so we know we’ll get a lot of service out of this mower.”

Why should growers buy a Krone disc mower?

Says Warren: “This new Krone disc mower is heavier built, it’s quicker and the blades last longer. It floats better, less drag on your tractor, and turns quicker. It really doesn’t give you any reason to go anywhere else.”

To select the right mower for you, check out Krone’s interactive disc mower selection tool.
To make it easy for hay and forage growers to pick the right Krone mower, Krone has created an online, interactive disc mower selection tool. This selection tool, available at, makes it quick and easy for you to match the right Krone disc mower—from Krone’s full line of disc mowers—to your specific operation and needs. Or to see this new generation of disc mowers in person, visit your Krone hay and forage equipment dealer today.

About Krone North America
Krone was founded in Spelle, Germany in 1906 and established Krone North America in Memphis, Tennessee in 1973. The company employs more than 4,500 associates globally, including 160 in the United States. Krone’s cutting edge hay-and-forage products are sold through a network of more than 400 dealers across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Still owned and operated by the Krone family, the company’s product line includes high-capacity mower conditioners, disc mowers, rotary tedders and rakes, round balers, large square balers and a full range of self-propelled forage harvesters. Krone equipment is built on customer trust, delivering on the needs of its customers and guided by their input. Since Krone is first to market with the newest technology and efficiencies, Krone equipment is the first choice of North American hay-and-forage producers. For more information, visit 

Kubota Introduces the M6S-111, a New Entry-Level Hay and Cattle Tractor
Ideal for Small to Mid-Sized Operations, the M6S-111 Provides Value, Power and Performance
Courtesy of Kubota Tractor Corporation

Kubota Tractor Corporation introduces the latest member of the M-Series, the M6S-111 diesel tractor. Combining Kubota power and performance with economy, the M6S-111 is an ideal solution for cattle producers seeking a single tractor suited for the full range of cattle and hay operations, loader work, mowing and more.
“The M6S-111 tractor is designed for the small to mid-sized producer who values those important ‘big tractor’ luxuries and features, like the Kubota Swing Shift that delivers multiple speeds controlled by a single lever,” said Kent Brown, Kubota senior product manager, ag tractors. “This new tractor fits perfectly into Kubota’s M-Series line of tractors; it is flexible enough for any job in the hayfield or pasture.”
The M6S-111 features technology-driven Kubota diesel engines matched with transmissions equipped with Kubota’s exclusive Swing Shift feature, providing easy shifting from the ergonomic operator station. High-performance hydraulics makes the M6S-111 ready to accept implements requiring multiple valves. The M6S is offered in the four-wheel drive M6S-111SHDC and M6S-111SDSC and the two-wheel drive M6S-111SHC. The M6S-111 replaces the M108S in the series.
Kubota’s new M6S-111 hay and cattle tractor is available at dealerships now. A registered Kubota dealer locator is available at For more information on the M6S-111, visit or the Kubota News Room.

About Kubota Tractor Corporation
Kubota Tractor Corporation, Grapevine, Texas, is the U.S. marketer and distributor of Kubota-engineered and manufactured machinery and equipment, including a complete line of tractors of up to 170 Gross hp, performance-matched implements, compact and utility-class construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, hay tools and spreaders, commercial turf products and utility vehicles. For product literature or dealer locations, contact: Kubota Tractor Corporation, 1000 Kubota Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051, (888) 4-KUBOTA [(888) 458-2682], Ext. 900, or visit 

Westway Feed Products LLC Makes Donations to Support Cattle Producers Affected by Fires
Article courtesy of Westway Feed Products LLC

In an effort to provide support for ranchers who suffered severe financial and livestock losses in recent fires in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado, Westway Feed Products has made donations to several organizations.  Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation and Kansas Livestock Foundation will each receive a donation from Westway to support their direct efforts to aide cattle producers.
“We wanted to donate to support cattle producers in the devastated areas.  These organizations have channels to provide funds directly to producers who are the most in need.  We recognize the emotional, financial and lifelong tolls these fires have caused and this is our way to offer support for ranchers.” commented Westway’s President Steve Boehmer.  

The employees and management team at Westway Feed Products LLC are committed to helping ranchers across the country to remain in business for the long term.  As a follow up to these financial donations, Westway will provide donations of tub supplements later this year as forage and hay supplies stabilize.  This coordinated effort is directed to encourage best use of both the tub supplements and forage resources.
Through the use of co-products, such as molasses, Westway provides nutrition solutions for livestock producers.   The company is headquartered in Tomball, Texas and is owned by ED&F Man.  They are one of the nation’s largest livestock liquid feed supplement companies with twenty-seven manufacturing plants and distribution in the United States, Canada and Mexico.   

$250,000 to be Donated to Cattle Producers of the Plains Wildfires
By Joe Scott

In the final weeks of March over $200,000 was raised for cattlemen affected by wildfires through IMMVAC®, Inc.’s pledge of Endovac-Beef® and Endovac-Dairy® vaccine gross sales. In addition to the gross sales contribution, the organization increased the final donation to an even $250,000.
IMMVAC has distributed $100,000 to the Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation, Kansas Livestock Foundation, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation. These state organizations are providing producers in the affected states support during this time of recovery.
The remaining $150,000 has been pledged to the Drovers/Farm Journal Foundation Million Dollar Wildfire Relief Challenge. Through this program, all funds donated up to a million dollars will be matched by the Howard G. Buffet Foundation. Funds will then be distributed through the Working Ranch Cowboy Association to cattlemen in need. Due to the staggering cost of fencing, the money raised has been dedicated for labor and supplies to rebuild the nearly 18,000 miles of fences that burnt.  
“As the news broke of the devastating wildfires in the plains states, we knew IMMVAC needed to find a way to give back to these farming and ranching families,” said Kevin Sprouse, CEO of IMMVAC, Inc. “The original goal was to give $100,000 to the state organizations, thankfully, producers from across the country, along with great allied industry partners banding together enabled us to give nearly three times that amount to cattlemen in need.”
IMMVAC is a family owned animal health company located in Columbia, MO. The IMMVAC product portfolio provides animal health professionals and producers unique immune system focused vaccines and serums. Our commitment to superior science and family values allow us to produce revolutionary livestock and companion animal products at affordable prices for our customers.