JAG Products, Inc. to the rescue!

Published on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 9:03am

 JAG Products, Inc. to the rescue!

 Article written by Kelly Vaughan – Owner, JAG Products, Inc.

 Normally on Memorial Weekend my family is off camping up in the beautiful northern woods of Minnesota.  But, like everywhere else, this spring was rainy cold and let’s face it, you get to an age where camping in the rain isn’t so fun.  So we cancelled, and my weekend was pretty free to do nothing.   But, then came a message that went like this.  “Hey Kelly, I know its Memorial Weekend and your probably not home, and I hate to ask, but if you are home, we are desperate to build a new fence line.”  That message came from Kelly Tope, the guru behind Farmaste Animal Sanctuary, located in Lindstrom, Minnesota.   I messaged back, “Hey!  You’re in luck.  I am home, how can I help?"

Farmaste Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit 501(c)3 farm animal rescue that takes in farm animals from cruelty, abandonment, or surrender situations.  Caring for them for life with the help of donations and volunteers.
When I drove over to Farmaste to get a look as to the scope of the project, I knew we would need to definitely enlist more people to help, and who’s going to be around to help?  Well my family was, so we piled into the truck, and took all the insulators I had from my garage heading to Farmaste.  Once there, we were able to look at what was already completed, and used the new JAG Products, Inc. fencing calculator to determine how many insulators are we truly going to need to complete the project. 

When we developed the Fencing Calculator, it was for that purpose in mind.  A useful tool to help livestock owners build new pastures or perform annual repairs by estimating how much material is going to be needed to complete the project.  Electric Fencing should always be part of the farm and ranch budgeting discussions so that you have that factored into your overall expenditures.  Underbuying or overbuying can be costly.  So the intent is to make it easier to estimate.
With Kelly Tope’s help, we plugged in the information, and the amount of insulators needed calculated out to 1,990 insulators.   Since I package 32 insulators per bag.  That was 62 bags of insulators that was needed to complete the project, and the calculator was right on the dot.  That is exactly the amount we used for a 10 acre pasture that will hold rescued cattle.
“Working with Kelly Vaughan, Owner of JAG Products, Inc. made our fencing project a much easier task. It eliminated the guess work usually needed in determining how many insulators we would need for the field size we were fencing for.” – Kelly Tope, Owner Farmaste Animal Sanctuary
The fence was to also have 5 strands of wire.  We used a combo of the INVERSE™ Insulator in the 6” and 3” sizes so that the volunteers working at Farmaste would easily be able to identify which lines are hot, and which lines are not.
The JAG Products, Inc. Fencing Calculator coupled with our unique variety of electric fence insulators will help you plan for and build the type of electric fence you are needing.
The Calculator is designed to be used with your inputs.  Along with industry suggestions.  Keeping it simple and easy.
Kelly Vaughan – Owner, JAG Products, Inc.