Jaylor Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

Published on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 2:21pm

With the Next Generation of TMR Mixers and New Line of Forage-Handling Attachments

Jaylor, the innovative manufacturer and global marketer of Jaylor TMR mixers, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year by releasing its sixth generation of mixers, as well as introducing a new line of forage-handling loader attachments. Jaylor hosted its international network of dealers and distributers in Guelph and Orton, Ontario, during the same week. “Starting with myself and one employee in 1993, we started from the ground up and produced our first mixer,” recalls Jake Tamminga, owner and President of Jaylor. Today, Jaylor employs over 60 people and markets its feed mixers in 42 countries worldwide. Jaylor also holds 25 patents worldwide for its industry-leading innovations, and has been publicly recognized for its contributions with awards such as the Ontario Global Traders Award for market expansion.

New 5000 Series
“The new 5000 Series of Vertical TMR Feed Mixers incorporates a full range of new features that we have developed since the current 4000 Series was introduced in 2008,” says General Manager, Gerry Tamminga. “These features include, among others, its patented auger design that decreases mixing requirements by 20%, new door and conveyor discharge options, stronger cast metal parts, and heavier loading capabilities.” The lineup includes units from the Single Auger 5350 Mixer to the Twin Auger 51250HD Mixer and 9 models in-between, providing a solution for every size farm. All these mixers come standard with the patented Jaylor auger and the full range of innovations. Jaylor offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry 5 years on the frame, 5 years (pro-rated) on the gearbox, 4 years on the scale system and a year on the balance of the mixer. A full range of options is available to create a tailored feeding solution for every application. Additionally each model may be purchased in trailer, truck or stationary configuration.

Jaylor Single Auger TMR mixers are available in a variety of configurations ranging in capacity from 350 to 575 cubic feet. They are ideal for feeding small to mid-sized dairy and cow-calf operations, medium-sized beef feedlots, as well as large sheep and goat facilities. Each is a leader in its class at quickly processing round or square baled hay and/or baleage into uniform rations that will resist sorting. The 5400 is a special “low-profile” unit at just 93 inches high and ideal for using with smaller skid-steer loaders, or wherever height is limited.

The 5000 Series Twin Auger Mixers are available in capacities from 615 to 960 cubic feet. These machines are used to feed larger dairy and cow-calf operations and feedlots ranging in size from as little as a hundred head, up to thousands of head. Each one is an industry leader in its class at processing round or square baled hay and baleage into uniform rations, which are resistant to sorting during eating, in a minimum amount of time. They are also ideal for mixing pre-processed silage and grain rations, including high grain finishing rations, with which full mix uniformity is achieved in as little as three to five minutes. The “Low Profile” 5600 is capable of being used with skid-steer loaders.

The Jaylor 5000HD Series Twin Auger TMR Mixers are larger, and are designed for heavier loads and for use over rougher surfaces than the standard 5000 Series, Twin Auger Mixers. They are available in a full range of configurations in capacities from 800 to 1295 cubic feet. They have a heavier frame and sub-structure, cast dual-axle walking beam assemblies with extra heavy-duty axles and hubs, and heavier duty wheels and tires. They also come with thicker auger flighting and floors. Together these enhancements make the Jaylor HD mixers capable of blending and transporting mixes that are up to 75% heavier; ideal for large dairies and beef operations.

On smaller operations, or when feeding specialty groups, such as weaned calves or dry cows, the Mini Mixer Series fits perfectly. Jaylor’s newest TMR mixer models are the A50 and A100 mini mixers. Each model is now available in four unique versions: a 3-wheel, all-wheel Self-Propelled; a gas engine-powered Pull-Type; a gas engine-powered Truck-Mount; and an electric motor or gas engine-powered Stationary. In order to meet your particular needs, these mixers are designed and engineered with the same capabilities and durability as the larger 5000 Series mixers, including the ability to incorporate long forage into true total mixed rations. This includes processing intact small square bales, as well as sections of large bales of hay and baleage. All versions of the mini mixer operate hydrostatically, with the augers driven by a powerful hydraulic motor. Each model also comes with a complete scale system for accurate weighing.

Forage-handling Attachments
To enhance its focus on marketing simple and cost-effective solutions for producing total mixed rations, Jaylor is adding a line of loader, forage-handling attachments to its offering. “These products — a Silage Shear, Bale Shear, and Bale Grabber — will help Jaylor customers better manage bunker silage and the incorporation of round bales into their TMR mixers, and otherwise help reduce spoilage and waste,” says Dr. Alan Vaage, Jaylor’s Ruminant Nutritionist.

The Bale Shear allows bales to be easily sheared in half while conveniently removing the netting or plastic wrap. The bale is effortlessly sliced through the center by the sharp blade arm while it is loaded into the TMR mixer. Slicing bales before loading them into the mixer helps reduce mixing time — effectively saving time and fuel.

The Silage Shear is the ultimate bunk management tool for loading haylage or corn silage into a TMR mixer. The sharp blade effortlessly shears a slice off the pile, into the bucket, without disturbing the rest of the bunk. This method of cutting silage from the bunk face allows for a precise amount to be removed, reducing spoilage of unused material. The material can then be loaded directly into the TMR mixer without changing buckets. For longer, denser material such as haylage, the tines slide into the pile; for finer or loose material, the optional corn plate folds down to provide a solid floor. Available in a range of sizes, these robust units will provide a tailored solution to every farm.
The Bale Grabber allows conventional and wrapped silage bales to be handled without damaging them or the sealed plastic layer. This allows your operation to take advantage of the benefits of wrapped bales without sacrificing convenience. With a holding capacity of over a ton, this attachment can easily move not only haylage but dry bales up to 6' × 6' as well.

Dedication and Innovation
“At Jaylor, we have always been focused on the role of the TMR mixer in producing the type of ration a cow needs in the feedbunk, and then on how to do the job as efficiently, and in the least time, as possible,” says Jake Tamminga. “In this day and age of both high feed and fuel prices, I believe this is what will be most important in the long run.”

Jake’s dedication to TMR mixer design has led to considerable growth for Jaylor. That resulted in a major expansion of Jaylor’s production facilities in 2001. As a result of continuing progress Jaylor is in the process of expanding once more.

Nutrition Focus
Center to the philosophy at Jaylor is nutrition. This is why a Shaker box is included with every purchase of a 5000 Series mixer allowing producers to monitor and evaluate their ration on a daily basis. Mix uniformity and resistance to sorting define the optimum TMR mix. A TMR mix is the result of an interaction between mixer design and performance, ingredient characteristics, and operating procedures. The Shaker Box provides a simple way to test the uniformity of particle size and ingredient distribution within a batch, as well as between loads. This also enables fine tuning of mixing procedures to create the optimum mix, as well as to monitor mixer performance. Jaylor expects their mixers to perform — “Because Nutrition Matters”.®