Memory Quilts Are a Great Way To Save Special Clothing

Published on Sun, 08/03/2014 - 12:00am

What to do with all those tshirts, hats, caps, that are too small or old but still remind you of great times? Whether its displaying ribbon on a quilt from a cattle show, favorite shirts from a 4-H or FFA event or just tshirts that you love because they remind you of special moment, memory quilts are a great way to hold onto those items and have a great unique blanket to use around your house. 

TShirt Quilts

Tshirt QuiltTshirt quilts are a great way to use up all those shirts that you no longer wear but you just can’t throw away.  Preserve the memories of when you were in high school for a certain athletic team, club or organization.  For most quilts that are large enough to be used as throw blanket on a couch take 15-20 shirts and large tshirt quilts made to cover full to queen size beds can take between 25-30 tshirts.  Prices are dependent on size ranging usually from about  $150-$300.  Turn around time also runs about 4-6 weeks for most companies.



Memorial Quilts

It is hard to let go of all the clothing from a person who has passed away.  Instead of throwing or donating all the clothing, many families are instead choosing a few unique items to make a memorial quilt  to remember the person. These quilts then can be given as gifts or as hand-me-downs to children, siblings or grand-children. Memorial quilts can be made out of  many different clothing items: shirts, pants, jeans, ties, hankies, scarves, small jewelry, even buttons and pockets from the garments can be used.  Its best to make sure that all articles have been cleaned before sending them to the quilt company.   Many memory quilt companies can also incorporate  pictures into a quilt and personalize it with an appliquéd names or lettering.  Prices are dependent on size and difficulty of incorporating differnt clothing pieces usually ranging usually from about  $200-$350.  Turn around time also runs a little longer than tshirt quilt about 8 weeks.



Ordering Information

There are many great tshirt and memory quilt companies like  Most will take orders can be highly personalized with different fabrics, sizes, and even custom labeling.  Most companies can take orders over the phone or via their websites and work with customers to make sure the memory quilt they create is just perfect.   Average order turn around is 6-8 weeks.