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Published on Thu, 01/13/2011 - 2:45pm

We know you want the best nutrition possible for your herd and your operation, but we also know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to TMR (total mixed rations) mixers.  We’ve compiled some options that are on the marketplace today – whether you’re looking for a mixer that can be hauled with a truck, a tractor, or one that’s in a fixed location, we want to help you make the best decision for your cattle and your situation.


With a complete TMR mixer line on the market (147-110 cubic feet of mixing capacities), Kuhn North America has a mixer to meet your needs, whether you’re mixing 100% hay, 100% grain, or any ration between. Vertical Maxx Mixers mix the widest variety of feedstuffs, including round bales, while the Botec 4-Auger machines allow incorporation of up to 50% alfalfa hay and require less horsepower than other types of mixers.  You can watch videos of all of Kuhn’s products at www.kuhnnorthamerica.com

• Reel Mixers

• 4-Auger Mixers

• Single-Auger Vertical Mixers

• Twin-Auger Vertical Mixers

• Truck and trailer models available



1501 West 7th Avenue

Brodhead, WI 53520

Fax: 608-897-2561


Patz - Model 1100 TMR

Vertical Feed Mixer

Increased milk production, butterfat and protein reports are the result of healthy dairy cows eating a well-balanced TMR.   The Patz Vertical Mixer combines large volumes of assorted material for a uniform mixed ration. Using one large vertical screw, the ration is combined fast and efficiently without crushing the ingredients.

• Thorough, consistent TMR, regardless of batch size

• Handles all feedstuffs - round or square bales, wet or dry

• Fast mixing to save valuable time and fuel

• Delivers 300-690 cubic feet of mixing capacity

• Available in trailer and truck mount models



917 Business 141

P.O. Box 7

Pound, WI 54161

Fax: 920-897-4312

Penta - Model 8020 H.D. Twin Screw Trailer

This model is just one of the many mixers Penta offers to help you give your cattle the nutrition they need.  Just some of the standard components on this model include a heavy 3/4 –inch floor, a 2-speed gearbox, planetary drive on twin screws.  Penta also offers a plethora of additional options, like an extended six-foot conveyor, a rear commodity door, a 16” hay extension, or a tight turning walking axle.  Visit their website to see which options are the best fit for your operation. 

• Wall thickness 3/8”

• DIGI STAR 6 point weighing, with model EZ 2000 indicator

• Super heavy plate frame with 5” axle

• 16 hardened cutting knives

• Walking axle undercarriage




4480 Progress Drive

Petrolia, Ontario N0N 1R0

Email: pentatmr@yahoo.com


RotoMix - New Staggered Rotor Mixer

The new Staggered Rotor style GeneRation II mixer gets the job done when it comes to mixing feed, especially wet and sticky rations that include wet distillers grain.  Lifting and tumbling action requires less mixer revolutions, translating to less wear and maintenance. The optional super duty drive package for some models allows for increased load capacity. The new Staggered Rotor Mixer is available in Roto-Mix Commercial Series mixers 540 cu. ft. to 920 cu. ft. and the Forage Express 270 cu. ft. to 410 cu. ft. mixers. For more information and an online video, visit www.rotomix.com.

•Unique staggered paddle design equals a more even mix

• All models are available in truck, trailer or stationary units

• No springs or spring boxes, reducing maintenance costs

• Fast mixing time results in less fuel and less time spent

• Optional super duty drive package




2205 E. Wyatt Earp

Dodge City, KS 67801

Fax: 620-225-6370


Supreme International

Supreme International’s all-in-one mixers are built with high quality all the way to the finish.  Supreme uses the industry’s heaviest duty components and a patented auger designs for their mixers.  Supreme has been providing equipment to cattlemen for 57 years and offers the ‘Supreme Performance Guarantee.’  They offer mixers in pull-type, truck mount, stationary, environmental, and custom, with many options available to fit your herd.

• 2 patented augers can process TMR from high grain rations to high roughage

• Made with AR200 steel and heavy-duty 2 stage planetaries

• Optimized designs and engineered tubs for best mixing results

• Unique second cutter option for bedding and processing straw for faster mixing

• New models available in 2011




1101 S 2nd Ave

P.O. Box 1637

Dodge City, KS 67801

Fax: 780-352-6056


Sioux Automation Feed Mixers

No mixer is right for every ration.  Sioux Automation Center manufactures feed mixers to meet the needs of today’s top producers no matter the ration. Many feed mixer manufactures only produce one style of mixer, believing that this one type of mixer is going to work for every producer in every application.  Based on 50 years of experience in the feed mixer industry, Sioux Automation Center understands that one mixer is not the right fit for every situation.  This understanding has led them to produce a variety of mixers to meet the individual producer’s needs no matter the ration being fed.

• MaxiMixer 2000 Series Mixers feature 1 or 2 horizontal augers with sickle knives for cutting long stem hay

• The MaxMixer 3500 Series Vertical Mixers are available in sizes from 360 ft - 1120 ft

• The 4-auger design of the MaxiMixer 4000 Series mixers provides a through and efficient blend of ingredients in a ration containing roughage or commodities

• Sioux Automation Center offers the Turbo-Max line of reel mixers

• All models are available in truck, trailer or stationary models




877 1st Avenue NW

Sioux Center, IA 51250

Email: sales@siouxautomation.com