More in a Day's Work

Published on Fri, 03/15/2019 - 3:29pm

 More in a Day's Work

 Article courtesy by Stockade

 Building and repairing a fence is one of those jobs that is as much a part of rural life as riding a tractor. Whether on a livestock operation to keep critters in, or on a vegetable operation to keep critters out.

Anyone who has done fence work knows how exhausting it can be to drive staples into an endless row of fence posts.


Building Fence

Andy and Sam Gardner know about fencing. At any given time, they may have as many as 600 to 1000 head of curious heifers on the farm. They feed out the heifers, returning them to their home dairy when they are about to freshen.

They also do custom fencing for any farm, business or government agency that needs a quality job done. This tiring/endless job is aided by the use of the STOCKade ST400i cordless staple gun.

The crew working for Gardner Brothers Land is a professional bunch. "We hire good guys and pay them well" Andy says. They also make it a point to provide the crew with the best of equipment.

"We know we are spending good money on more efficient equipment," Andy continues. "But in the end, we find we are saving money." The brothers have found well-equipped workers are proud of the work they do. There is less employee turnover to manage too.

"The stapling is consisitent, you tak the insulator attachment and put it in the guide hole, it is pretty foolproof," Andy says. The driving depth is adjustable to ensure optimal staple placement every time.

"My guys are completely sold and would probably revolt if we had to go back to hand-driving staples in insulators. We really like the gun," Andy concludes. The crew find having the tool as part of their kit enables them to get the job done quicker, getting them home earlier.


Cordless Revolution

Rick Jackmas, President of McArthur Lumber and Post, Ohio also recommends the ST400i stapler for fast, easy fence work. The unit shoots a 1.5-inch to 2-inch staple. "It will work with any type of wire that you would use that size staple with," he says. "It will go in any rural fencing with any wood over 1.5 inches thick."

Since most fencing jobs in this part of the world work with 1.75-inch staples, the unit is right in most user's sweet spot. "The 400i sets two, 2-inch staples every second. They are fully embedded in the wood with twice the pullout power of other staplers."

"There is no question that it will pay for itself if used regularly," Jackmas says. "The tool will keep up the two-staples-a-second pace longer than any man can," he chuckles.

It works on spot maintenance jobs, hilly projects, full-farm electric or woven fencing. Anyone who has run fence in hilly or boggy areas knows what a hassle it can be to get equipment close to the fence line.

To find a dealer, go to and get more in a day's work with the ST400i.