Munro Engineers - Leaders in Fencing Innovation WireWinder and FenceBOSS Systems Revolutionizing Fencing

Published on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 11:39am

 Munro Engineers - Leaders in Fencing Innovation WireWinder and FenceBOSS Systems Revolutionizing Fencing.

 By Steve Weisman.

 The year was 1963, and Munro Engineers located in Victoria, Australia started the beginning of the fencing revolution by inventing the world’s first tractor mounted, hydraulic post driver with digger. An engineering pioneer since the 1800’s, Munro Engineers ( has continually been the leader in innovation.

From manufacturing wool presses, tobacco presses, chaff cutters, bag elevators and shearing hand-pieces throughout most of the twentieth century, to becoming a world leader in the design and manufacture of fencing machines, Munro have set the standard to which others aspire. Company owner Warren McLean notes that that first Munro posthole driver actually was manufactured after a bet between two farmers about who could make the best posthole driver. “The farmer who won the bet, Alastair Mackenzie, and his friend Max Brooke, a hydraulics engineer, approached my father Max McLean. We finished the design and manufactured the first model.” Over the past five decades, Munro has sold thousands of its posthole drivers not only in Australia but throughout the world.
From combining the first digger and driver in the world to the advanced design AutoDriver and digger with patented down-force technology, the perfect component for fencing stockyards and vineyards, Munro continues to be the cutting-edge leader in the fencing industry. Today’s range of fencing machinery includes a wide range of post driver machines and most recently the WireWinder system and now the new FenceBOSS system.

Anybody who has ever rolled up old fence wire knows how time consuming and painful (literally) this job can be. To this point, there has been no easy way to do this…until now. In 2016, Munro introduced the WireWinder, which makes rolling up old fence a one-man operation that is both simple and fast. In one instance, contractors using this equipment have wound up a full 300-acre dairy farm system (predominately 2-3 plain wire fences) lane systems and paddocks in 25 hours. That’s approximately 50 lineal kilometers, pulled off posts and then wound up. This would have taken nearly three weeks by hand.
The WireWinder is a motorized circular machine that attaches to the front-loader of a tractor and plugs into the tractor’s hydraulics. Eyelets guide the wire onto the spinner and as the wire spins onto the WireWinder, it winds into a tight roll easy to dispose of. The WireWinder can handle ringlock or a combination of barbed and plain wire in excess of 10 wires at a time.

At the other end of the spectrum is building fences. In this case, putting up temporary electric fences. This can be especially time consuming when cell grazing or moving cattle from one paddock to another. The FenceBOSS makes simple work of erecting temporary electric fencing, strip grazing or cell grazing with hands free wire feed out and a peg rack for carrying pegs (fence posts). The FenceBOSS modular design is easily adaptable to a wide range of ATV and 4-wheelers. Parts include either the feed out cradle, powered cradle, main frame and rack with fixing plates, peg rack, tool box and the single blank.
The ATV/4-wheeler rack can accommodate up to three windup/feed out cradles. It is truly the safest, easiest and most efficient way to reel out and retrieve portable electric fence wire.
Talk about easy…with cradles designed for Speedrite or Gallagher reels filled with electric fence polywire, the operator simply heads to the field needing the fence erected. First clip the end of the wire onto the corner post and then take off on the ATV, letting the fence wire unwind off the cradle. Once that is completed, come back through and place the pegs at predetermined intervals. Talk about quick and easy.
Munro Engineering is there for all your fencing needs. In addition, Munro prides itself on its customer service. McLean says, “Our service and spare parts are second to none. We really look after our customers, many of whom are repeat buyers.”
To learn more, go to the Munro Engineers website ( and send an online message, send email queries to or call +61 3 5334 2770.