Riomax® Mineral Program: Wind Proof, Waste Proof and Water Proof

Published on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 1:59pm

 Riomax® Mineral Program: Wind Proof, Waste Proof and Water Proof

 By Steve Weisman

 Trevor Greenfield, founder and owner of Rio Nutrition (, has a deep passion for helping ranchers across North America. And now, with over 130 dealer locations, with boots on the ground, ranchers are now able to get product as and when they need it without having to buy large quantities of tubs direct – as had happened in the past.

Wind-proof, waste-proof, water-proof
Specifically, this time of year is frustrating for ranchers. Greenfield says, “Ranchers are tired of watching their mineral blow away, tired of having it dumped out by the bull and tired of having it cake up after a rain.” So, this summer ask for Riomax® Summer Mineral, built for summer. Ask for the 3W’s: wind-proof, waste-proof and water-proof. Insist that every dollar spent on mineral gets into the cows.

Disrupting the supplementation industry – in the rancher’s favor
Indirect Supplementation Technology™, known as IST, is powered by Nutrizorb® and is a true game changer that helps cattle get more out of every mouthful. Greenfield asserts, “IST is fueled by Nutrizorb®, which is a powerful 19-component digestion pack. IST is revolutionary and is disrupting the supplementation industry as we know it today – in favor of the rancher.”
What this means is that through the use of IST, we are now enabling each cow to better utilize very ounce of every mouthful all day long – be it grass or hay or grain. In doing this, the rancher is optimizing the protein, energy and nutrient uptake for each animal. As a result, the nutritional requirements are met out of the balance of the diet rather than out of a direct fed supplement. Greenfield adds, “And it stands to reason that the more we optimize the forages and the resources we have at hand, the less we depend on expensive direct fed supplements. That’s when our rancher customers really come to life,” he says with a chuckle.

The changing seasons
As the seasons change and the nutrient value in the grass or forages changes, the ForageBalancer™ technology kicks in. Simply put: with good quality forages, cows will self-regulate down, while with poor quality forages, cows will self-regulate up. “This all happens within the consumption range of the 1/8 to 1/3-pound daily consumption range as stated on each product tag,” says Greenfield. “Further, we remove the risk for the rancher with the Rio Nutrition CostGuard™ Program, which ensures that if the cows would ever over consume, the rancher would be compensated accordingly. The risk is off their shoulders” Talk about a no-risk guarantee! Initially, ranchers sometimes have concern about the upfront cost of Riomax®. And yes, fair enough, the cost per tub or per ton is probably the highest in the industry. However, on a cost to feed basis, where the rubber meets the road, the cost is usually less than other “cheap” brands. To quote a rancher in Philipsburg, MT., “Riomax® is only expensive if you don’t know how to do math!” Greenfield says, “I couldn’t phrase it better myself!”

Special offer
As we were saying about the summer mineral, there is one more piece of good news yet to be shared… The Summer Sizzle Sales Event! During the Summer Sizzle Sales Event, a participating rancher will get a complimentary $25 Cabela’s Gift Card with every ton of Riomax® purchased, while supplies last. Who doesn’t love a Cabela’s Gift Card?

A final thought
Greenfield adds, “To wrap up, as a family outfit, we invite you to reach out to our Customer Care Team for a free consultation or to be directed to your nearest dealer. We look forward to visiting with you to see if Riomax® is a fit for your ranching operation. Give us a call at (844) 375-9080. One final thing. Even if it sounds old fashioned, we want to remind you that we view this as a partnership with North American ranchers to effectively help you make money, save money…or both!”